How do you rank the current DC shows you are watching?

Here is how I list the shows…

#1 Titans. THIS is, in my opinion, the best DC show. It just “clicks” with me in terns of acting, pacing and writing.
#2 Lucifer; gonna miss this show when it ends.
#3 Flash Still a good show, but over use of “speedsters” has made Flash not so unique a hero. Ralph and Vibe are funny together.
#4 Black Lightning I really like this show. If it can put in a good second season, it will go higher
#5 Legends I am liking Legends, but the silly factor keeps it in fourth BUT…I really like the show.

1-5 is the cut off. I like each of those shows; some more than others…but I like them all. The next three are trailing for various reasons.

#6 Gotham; Losing steam in my opinion. The "is he joker is he not joker’ jumped the shark me.
#7 Arrow First three season were pretty good then…well…it did keep the candle lit after Smallville bowed out…so it will be remembered for that.
#8 Supergirl I miss Cat Grant. Show just isn’t the same with out her IMO. Wears its politics on its sleeves, which is fine if you’re into that; I’m not.


The Flash

I only watch Legends of Tomorrow, Lucifer and Supergirl once in a while.

Black Lightning
DC Legends

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  1. Black Lightning
  2. Titans

Waiting for Young Justice and Harley Quinn. One can never get enough Harley and Ivy.

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Noooo omg I meant
2) Titans

  1. Black Lightning

I’m behind on some of the shows, from what I’ve watched right now I’d rate them:

  1. Titans (Current)
  2. The Flash (Current)
  3. Legends of Tomorrow (Current)
  4. Arrow (Current)
  5. Gotham (Behind On)
  6. Black Lightning (Behind On)
  7. Supergirl (Behind On)
  8. Preacher (Behind On)
  9. Lucifer (Behind On)

6.Legends of Tomorrow
7.Black Lightning

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  1. Titans
  2. Flash
  3. Legends of Tomorrow
  4. iZombie
  5. Preacher
  6. Supergirl
  7. Arrow
  8. Krypton
  9. Black Lightning
  10. Gotham
  11. Lucifer

… and I’ll have to fit Batwoman, Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol and Stargirl (and Metropolis?) in there eventually.

15-16 DC shows. We live in a golden age, I tell you! (And that’s not even including the animated stuff! :slight_smile: )

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I will watch anything DC

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Damn I forgot about adding Black Lighting and Krypton. New list…

The Flash
Black Lightning
Legends of Tomorrow

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  1. Krypton
  2. Flash
  3. Supergirl
  4. Legends
  5. Titans (only because it is just 4 episodes in)
  6. Arrow
  7. Black Lightning
  8. Gotham

Haven’t checked out Lucifer yet but I might start it.

  1. Preacher (I’m behind as well)
  1. Krypton
  2. Flash
  3. Preacher
  4. Titans
  5. Legends of Tomorrow
  6. Black Lightning
  7. Gotham
  8. Lucifer
  9. iZombie
  10. Supergirl
    I don’t like Arrow
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  1. Teen Titans Go!! I’m joking lol

I forgot about Krypton…good show.

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How I rank the current live action shows I follow consistently:

-The Flash
-Legends of Tomorrow

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  1. Titans (This show has exceeded my expectations)
  2. Arrow (It’s a shame a lot of people stopped watching after season 4, because the show’s fire right now!)
  3. The Flash (Hopefully this season continues to improve. Wasn’t a huge fan of last season.)
  4. Legends of Tomorrow (This show is at it’s best when it’s campy and over the top, plus Constantine’s on this season!)
  5. Supergirl (This show has drastically improved since season 1 and has some great moments.)
  6. Black Lightning (Gets this spot, only because I haven’t caught up on it yet, but it’s impressive.)
  7. Constantine (Sad when this got cancelled. Great balance of horror and Constantine’s wit. Glad he’s on Legends now!)
  8. Gotham (Gotta admit, I have a love/hate relationship with this show, but when it’s good, it’ really good.)
  9. Lucifer (I missed last season, but the lead is the best thing about this show. Makes cop procedurals actually interesting.)
  10. iZombie (Fun show with a cool concept. I only watched the first season though.)

I haven’t seen Preacher or Krypton yet.


I’m currently watching Titans witch is totally badass. Best show in a long time. And rewatching Young Justice.

Forgot about Krypton. Lol. It’s o.k., oh and getting caught up on Preacher as well.

Right now, I’d have to say:

  1. Legends of Tomorrow- It doesn’t take itself seriously, and it’s just so much fun.
  2. The Flash- It’s been the most consistent, though last season ended rather weakly.
  3. Titans- This one feels the most like a comic book show, though the writing could use some work.
  4. Gotham- This is probably a guilty pleasure show. As a huge Batman fan, I love the fact that this show exists, but on the flip side, as a huge Batman fan…I can’t ignore so much of what this show gets wrong.
  5. Arrow- Honestly this show is still living off the good will of Season 2 and parts of Season 5 and 6. Seasons 3 and 4 nearly killed it.
    6.Supergirl- Clearly the show with the loudest agenda, but I don’t hate it by any means.
    7.Black Lightning- Not a bad show at all, tells it’s message better than Luke Cage ever did or could, but sometimes it feels kinda poorly paced. If Static shows up, this show will bump past Arrow.

I haven’t seen Krypton yet, but I can’t wait to watch the first season here.

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