How Do You Pronounce: Victor Fries' Last Name?


  • As in French Fries
  • Rhymes with Fleece
  • Same as Freeze

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Personally, I always liked Rhymes-with-Fleece. It sounds cool. Also, my mom works for a German company, and tells me that in German, “ie” is prounounced like an e while “ei” is pronounced like an i. So I think either Rhymes-with-Fleece or Same-as-Freeze would be technically correct, assuming it is supposed to be a Germanic name of some sort. Between the two, I like Rhymes-with-Fleece because it lets you audibly tell the difference between his civilian name and his supervillain name.

As-in-French-Fries is how they pronounce it in BTAS, though, so it has that going for it. And that is the same reason I say “Raysh Al Ghul.”


Great poll @BatJamags! I’m glad I could inspire it! In the show Gotham, they also pronounced Victor’s last name as rhymes with Fleece. It sounded funny to me when I first heard it, but the rationale (similar to everything you said) makes sense. My pronunciation typically mimics the source and can vary based on that factor.

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Being that it’s been pronounced “freeze” in many of the good doctor’s movie and TV appearances, I go with that.

If it’s good enough for BTAS and the DCAU, it works for me.

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