How do some people do it

I don’t know how, but some people post random questions and they get 183828201 replies and 3829382 likes. How do they do it? I think my most liked is like 5 and most replies is 20​:joy::joy: what secrets do they have haha




It depends on where you post the thread and when. I noticed that the treads with most interaction are the ones that don’t ask specific questions. That way everyone can chime in without needing to have specific knowledge about the subject.

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The answer to your question is either 42, or 52.


My observation has been that the trick is regular and persistent engagement in your own thread.

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Wow. I’m gonna have to remember that one, BatmanOFZur-En-Arrh!

@MH The student has become the teacher in this ouroboros.

I have finished sanding the floor and painting the fence. What is next, Mr. Bozea?

@MH I believe it is time for a trip to the beach.

Have an upvote on my part.

@Bozea I’ll have to find my Batman swim trunks and my old Superman t-shirt first.

@Backbreaker It’s like anything else. You need a good tag line-- something topical to the community, or err, goofy enough to catch the eye, or best yet-- both. Comment on all the replies that tickle you, or you feel make a valid point. If a couple of folks start having a convo, let them… dropping back in only when it slows down. If Vroom shpws up, let him play-- 'cuz WildDog is right. Some people are kinda like the influencers of the threads-- and you can be, too. Just remember to always be kind, and never be pushy.

They’re just numbers man…who cares…You really shouldn’t crave attention like that. There’s a ton more productive, self improving things you could be doing or focusing over getting people to notice and give you fake, artificial 'likes". It really is pointless. Focus on things you can do to be a better you…


Horizon brave well said amigo

I have never given an artificial ‘like.’


If your comments are important to you, you’re the only like that matters…


it all stems from the social media the world’s falling into

Every couple months you hear of somebody falling in tiger exhibit are fall off a mountain just so they can put a selfie on the internet

Aw buddy don’t think of it like that. This a community…a family! Not instagram or a social media competition. These are conversations, debates, fantastic stories, etc… not postings for likes :smiley:

Hopefully this helps, when you enter DCU, know you are ALREADY accepted and welcomed.


I gave up for this very reason. This community board is very cliquey and I noticed some of the “popular” users only respond to comments from said cliques. Then you have people that tend to be pretty rude just to feed their superiority complex.


There’s a lot of factors to consider, and it’s something we try to tackle nearly daily. The things I’ve learned when trying to get people’s attention:

-A clear, engaging title. For example, the title “Joker” doesn’t make me want to click it to find out what’s inside. Putting a call to action, a specific question, and giving people a sense of what to expect when they click your post helps. As opposed to “Who Would Win #6” (I’m not really sure what that is, moving on) I see “Who Would Win: Blue Beetle vs. Venom?” I bet you’d get a lot more engagement from people who have never see the “Who Would Win” threads before, and therefore don’t know what to expect.

-Encourage conversation in the comments with questions. If people say “I think this person would win”, ask them why, be curious and open. Being a generally open and inquisitive person gets you pretty far when it comes to engaging conversation.

-Yes, timing. If there are topics that are flying at a certain time, odds are yours will get buried. But you also want to post when a lot of people are on. A strange conundrum ! Additionally, posting about topics that are currently in the zeitgeist is helpful, as well.

And like so many have said, just remember to have fun :slight_smile: It happens to all of us. I once posted in Random asking people for Pokemon Go friend requests and got NO responses. We post in Watchtower all the time and get very few comments and likes sometimes. Just keep trying and you’ll find the formula that works for you.

Hope that helps!


Dang I never knew apple jack paid attention to my who would win thing