How do I enter the SHAZAM Sweepstakes?

I read the announcement about the SHAZAM sweepstakes to win a plush Hoppy and the 75 years 9f SHAZAM book. But how do we enter?

@scottrowland, that Sweepstakes has closed, but we have another one live on the service right now! You can find it in our News section under the “What’s New” section, for a Meta Madhouse Champsionship custom T-shirt :slight_smile:

I am confused since the post talking about entering that sweepstakes was the first item in What’s New today when I looked. And it is dated today.

Are the what’s New posts not actually dated or posted in order?

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OH! Sorry @scottrowland, I thought you were talking about last week’s Shazam sweepstakes. The Hoppy the Bunny sweeps will go live on Friday :slight_smile:



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