How do I buy a digital comic book here?

It was promised that any comic from DC’s 80+ year back catalogue would be availed for purchase here come October, but I can’t figure out how to buy anything.



Apparently they meant “by Halloween.”

Dang buy Halloween, that sucks. If what @Don-El said is accurate then I would just stick to comixology for now. I personally have been reading everything that comes with the service and I’ve been pretty occupied. A nice way to get reading done is to go thru the character index. Each person has a “related content” tab and it gives you each comic they have of that person. Helped me realize there was a good chunk of New 52 Flash

@Don - Is that a Long Halloween or a short one?


Not an option to buy comics yet. Thought it may start today but I guess not.

@food - I suspect closer to the 12th. Though, we do get more information now. So improvements already. Don’t go to the darkside with @night.

I think DC Daily just confirmed it’s the 4th so Thursday. She said " DC Digital Service Panel". Maybe I’m wrong but that’s what I think she meant

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@grant I’m just trying to be honest and real. Not delusional and capitulatory. An unlimited service is not coming. The longer people pretend like this service is acceptable the longer it will take them to course correct.

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You’re absolutely right. In a digital world where content is king, the dcu is a pauper. If they believe we can be bought with such a trivial service used simply as a sales portal, then there will be no reason for this to become a robust and worthy customer experience.


@knight - I’m not being delusional either. When this app began, almost all of the content was new for me. I’ve had it for two weeks, and still have over 240 items in my favorites list that is new. That is plenty of content.

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@knightnorth … you didn’t read my question. I’m asking about buying digital comics here, not a subscription library.


Has anyone confirmed this? Just wondering.

The screenshot comes from this app. Do you mean, confirmed again?

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