How did you guys feel about Ruby Rose as Batwoman?

She didn’t have enough scenes to judge her on it yet. However, I think she’s a great choice for the role. Looks like the comic book character jumped off the pg & onto your tv screen to me. That is, in the little bit we did get to see of her, she definitely has the look & attitude to pull Batwoman off with ease in those 2 categories.

I really enjoyed what we saw of her, although I felt she could’ve used a few more scenes.

I also thought she was perfect in the few scenes we got to see her in. I’ve been a fan of Ruby’s since seeing her in one of the Resident Evil movies. She’s a good actress and I think she’s going to kill it in this role. Hopefully the series gets picked up(as of right now it has not been yet).

I enjoyed her scenes as Kate Kane, but when she went into Batwoman persona I went off and on. I enjoyed her action sequence, but other times I just didn’t feel it. It could’ve been the dialogue.

I definitely expected a little more from her, but from what I did see, I really enjoyed!

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