How did Stan Lee influence your childhood?

For me, the 90’s X-Men show was the genesis for everything creative in my life. What about you?


Definitely everything X-Men and Spider-Man. These marvel characters are ingrained in my geek dna like the Trinity and the JL.


Before I started reading comics, I was obsessed with collecting the old X-Men trading cards in the 90s. I also loved (and still love) the stand-up arcade game. It’s a glorious thing when you can find a 6-person version and fill every space!
About 10 years ago, I had an opportunity to meet Stan Lee at an intimate dinner held in his honor. I thanked him for the strong and interesting female characters he helped create from X-Men. He gave me his full attention and never made me feel like I was “just another fan”. His work and his integrity will always influence me, far beyond childhood.


@Applejack so dope you got to meet him… :+1:

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Grew up in the early 80s watching cartoon of Spider-man, and both cartoon and the live action of The Incredible Hulk, I grew up loving those heroes, it was in the 90s where I got to know Stan Lee and others characters he created like The X-Men, Fantasic Four and Iron Man. I was amazed how one man made all these amazing heroes, villians and supprting cast.

The spider man movie trilogy. They were amazing, all three of them. I learnt that Stan lee created spidey and since I loved spidey so much, I decided to get into the other characters that Stan created. X-men are in my top three superhero teams. Cap America is awesome. Stan lee is awesome. RIP Stan the man.


Before I ever visited Gotham, Peter Parker was my best friend as a kid. Stan created characters that affected me in very different ways. I was and will always be a true believer. Excelsior!


@Applejack, that sounds like an amazing experience.

@Reddx, that 90s Spiderman show was phenomenal in how it took it’s time introducing and fleshing out the villians.

@Harleys Puddin.

As I read your post I got to thinking…

Because my entire concept of a superhero was derived specifically from watching that X-Men and Spider-man show, I don’t know that it would be intellectually honest to think that I would have ever watched Batman the Animated Series without those two shows being in my life first.

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He was a God to me…I grew up watching most of his cameos and reruns of spiderman cartoons as well as x-men ones too I’ve watch all of the Toby Maguire movies

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The X-men movies were amazing. The X-men team is amazing

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