How did Alan Scott lose his eye

So I’ve been reading 52 and the year after storyline and I noticed Alan Scott is wearing an eye patch. The problem is I never see how he lost his eye. Is it ever explained? If so when?

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I believe it was an injury he sustained somewhere in Infinite Crisis. It’s been a while since I read either series, but if I recall correctly, he and a group of other characters fly into space to do something, and then show up back on Earth with various mutations and injuries. I forget whether this is explained fully in IC itself or later in 52, though.


As explained in 52 #4, a splicing accident with Adam Strange’s Zeta Beam left a number of heroes who participated in the Rann-Thanagar War with injuries and mutations. One of those consequences was the loss of Alan Scott’s eye.

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Thanks! I didn’t catch that because it didn’t really go into detail about it. Sometimes you gotta just fill in the lines yourself but problem with that is sometimes you assume wrong.

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