How Common is Mind Control in Comics?

I was just thinking about comic stuff, but I had just a little thought. How often is mind control/hypnosis used on characters in many forms of media and entertainment. So I want to all of you to mention times characters had their minds take over by someone or something.


Stargirl got mind controlled into killing S.T.R.I.P.E.

Obsidian mind controlled most of the JSA except Stargirl, Green Lantern, Atom Smasher, Hawkgirl, Black Canary, and Dr

Brainwave Jr. was mind controlled by Mr. Mind.

Johny Thunder was mind controlled by an evil imp.

Stargirl was mind controlled by a World War II ghost into attacking Obsidian.

Jay Garrick was mind controlled into killing Mr. Terrific.



Infamously, Wonder Woman killed Maxwell Lord because it was the only way to stop him from mind controlling Superman.


Max: This plot is good, but it can be better!


Or worse apparently.


The entire plot of Final Crisis is about Darkseid controlling the human race using Mad Hatter’s technology.


Speaking of the Mad Hatter, he used a lot of mind control.

One of the times was when he used laced coffee to take control of most of the GCPD and first cause robberies to see how well they work, and then cause chaos with the GCPD under his mind control on Gotham city.


In L.E.G.I.O.N. Vril Dox used a subliminal program to keep a whole planet in line, then his son used it against him brainwashing a good portion of his team…


Poison Ivy did mind control on Robin in Batman & Robin Adventures #8, and The Mad Hatter put Alice in mind control #17. :grinning:


Very common… You have to look hard to find a version of Supergirl that hasn’t had a mind control theme. ​

OG Silver-age Kara had Super-hypnosis as one of her powers.

Linda Danvers was pretty much half possessed by Matrix.

Superman/Batman Kara was brainwashed by Darkseid.

N52/Rebirth Kara: Possessed by the Dark Gods and The Batman who laughs

DCSHG Gen 1: Mind controlled by eclipso

DCSHG Gen 2: Mind controlled by Ras al ghul.

Gotham City Garage: Kara worked for the corporation controlling minds.

Justice League Action: Possessed by Felix Faust

CW Supergirl: Mind controlled by dominators

Those are just from the top of my head.


Are we counting sorcery? What about being possessed by the dead? (i.e. every Deadman story, ever)

There are certain characters that will almost always involve mind control when they pop up… some already mentioned by others, but: Doctor Psycho, Universo, Manchester Black, Maxwell Lord, Mad Hatter, anyone from Spyral, etc…

Here’s some specific samples I tracked down:

  • The Demon #5 - Ugly Meg ensorcels the Iron Duke to make him her mannikin/golem/errand-boy.
  • The Demon #7 - Klarion controls Sidney Courtney, making him dump a bowl of punch on his head.
  • The Flash #37 through #39 - Dr. McGrath (or Llar-Twnakc) is brainwashing - or attempting to brainwash - more or less everyone at the Center for Advanced Life Enhancement, with a focus on getting Wally to shill for her on TV, save her life on the regs, and satiate her carnal human desire. With bonus possession of Linda, that recurs throughout this whole era…
  • Wonder Woman #5 - Doctor Psycho’s first appearance, and backstory, so his first mind control we see is of Marva whom he ties up on the regs, despite having her brainslaved because, “no woman can be trusted with freedom,” obvs…
  • Wonder Woman #11 - Serva hypotizes Steve Trevor to give up a bunch of state secrets. Hypnota hypnotizes Steve and four other audience members to execute Wonder Woman, and briefly manages to control Wondy with her lasso since his mental powers are inferior to hers, because he uses them for eeeeevil.
  • Wonder Woman #28 (part of the “late forties scan gap”) - Eviless uses Wonder Woman’s lasso to briefly take Hippolyta prisoner in a Transformation Island escape attempt.
  • In the preamble to Mosiac (Green Lantern (vol 3) #1-9, but specifically 6, 7, and 8, all part of the “early nineties scan gap”), Appa Ali Apsa mind controls entire populations the cities he has stolen to try and kill Green Lanterns (mostly Guy), the other Guardians, and the civilian Xudarians trying to help them.
  • Action Comics #695 - Kevin Crow remotely controls his own mindless clone via Cadmus tech, allowing it to get intercepted and controlled by Dabney Donovan for a while.
  • Through the first half of Ending Battle (strewn across Superman #186, Adventures of… #608, Man of Steel #130, and Action Comics #795), Manchester Black is mind controlling the rest of The Elite to … be a team.
  • Legion of Super-Heroes #22 - Restorer is being mind controlled by Universo.
  • The Universo Project (Legion of Super-Heroes #32, #33, #34, #35) - Universo hypnotizes the entire population of Earth, kidnaps and mind blocks the smartest of the Legion, while mind controlling all the other heroes in to being his Science Police.
  • Mister Miracle #12 - Mystivac’s compelling voice suppresses Ted from warning Scott about the death trap, demands Barda and Oberon to sit, and attempts to instill Scott with the will to die.

Seen the movie. Totally underrated.


Not to mention the times Superman is mind controlled. It’s almost become a trope at this point. Even worse, more times than not, it’s so a writer can justify Batman going against him. It’s an annoying trend and I hope it fades out.


How about this twist? I get mind controlled and start destroying the world. They decide Clark is the only one who can stop me and send him in. He heroically goes knowing he will be an underdog against me.




Have you taken your meds today bruce?


Robin is injecting them into me right now. She is way more gentle than Alfred.


Identity Crisis featured mind wiping, if I am right a few times but definitely one time. I haven’t read that in a long time so my memory is kind of rusty.

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