How come we can never get a proper Hispanic Bane?

This hs been bugging me for the longest, but how come anytime Bane is featured in media, (animated, video games, etc…), the voice actor or portrayal of the character almost never has a proper Hispanic accent, or at the least can pronounce Spanish words and phrases properly?


No se.

I think the bigger concern is how we don’t get Luchadore Bane more often, especially in live action. The closest Bane’s even looked like Bane was in Batman and Robin of all places, but even then, it was far from accurate personality wise. The only other live action depictions of Bane seem to give him weird mechanical bits, making him look more cyborg for some reason, at least in The Dark Knight Rises, he was strong, but didn’t look like that much of a hulking brute. Batman: The Animated Series definitely had Bane looking like Bane, but if I remember right, he was portrayed as a hulking brute moreso than a hulking brute with superior intelligence. Maybe Young Justice has a more accurate Bane than other media, due to him being both strong from his Venom and also having the intelligence to both befriend and betray the team?

I dunno. It just seems to be the best version of Bane was from Knightfall, the comic where he originated from. And most of the media he has been in hasn’t really depicted his character quite so accurately. It’s weird, because he’s one of those characters where you’d think he’d be easy to portray with the right actor and with a good enough writer at the helm, yet most of the time, he’s either on one extreme or the other instead of balancing out and when Bane balances out, it’s without a doubt what I consider the optimal experience. And why he’s usually a cyborg-looking dude in live action instead of a luchadore? You’d think making him a luchadore with a mechanical doodad on his arm that pumps Venom into his veins would be the cheaper, easier option, but alas.

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This is a great question. I think the Bane in the first season of Young Justice is pretty good.

I haven’t read a whole lot of Bane comics. But when I read his bio (years and years ago), I thought the idea of a genius hiding behind the mask of a Mexican wrestler sounded inspired.

As a masked Mexican wrestler, politicians and leaders wouldn’t take him seriously. Because he’s masked, his identity would be shrouded in mystery. He could easily be anybody. What a great setup for a character.

And yet, writers never seem to see the potential…

Doesn’t Danny Trejo voice Bane in Young Justice?


@Batman1154 I was thinking the same thing, because it sorta sounded like him

Yes, Trejo voiced Bane in Young Justice.

In terms of the comics, I didn’t even like him in Knightfall that much, it just felt to weirdly given to him. While they’re wildly different, I think my favorite takes on him have been in Gail Simone’s Secret Six, or in Tom King’s Batman run.