How can the DCEU be saved?

I’d prefer they just cut the shared universe. Have each film act as their own universe, kind of like an Elseworlds thing. Outside of the sequel films that are coming out, it looks like that’s where they’re headed since Joker and The Batman are both solo period pieces.

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Skip the world building.

At the rate movies are released it takes too long.

We are going to be stuck with an endless cycle of Superman/Batman reintroduction movies if they do that.

Go the Justice League Unlimited way. The universe is shock full of amazing heroes, heroines, bad guys and bad gals.

Tell stories in this rich universe. They can still have arcs crossing movies.

As actors and actresses retire, focus on other characters and continue the tale of the universe from other perspectives.

So, in a way my first sentence was a lie.

Do build the universe. Revolve the storytelling around the universe, more so than specific characters.

Just don’t start with an empty universe and origin stories.


I tend to think the DCEU is heading the route others have mentioned: A loose shared universe where it is acknowledged they all exist in the same world but aren’t required to set each other up the way Marvel does. I sure hope we get a team up again down the road, but it seems WB and DC have found the stride they want to maintain right now, and it appears to be working for the time being.

My two cents on other things mentioned, I don’t want or need a Supergirl movie, the show is a turn off enough to that idea.

As an avid Batman fan, I’m actually hopeful for the new movie. Reeves knows what he is doing and i’m excited for the vision he has. The casting isn’t ideal, but we’ve been proven wrong repeatedly on what we initially think are bad casting choices; I look forward to this being the case.

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DC needs to take note of what CW is doing with the DC tv shows and apply that to the movies. A bunch of movies with individual superheroes…then…maybe once every five years…have flash and green arrow hang out for a little bit and then go back to fighting solo.

You know, it might actually be a profitable angle to skip the world building. People could get burnt out from the Marvel stuff and enjoy seeing a movie where all they need to know going in is that Bruce Wayne is Batman. I know I do.

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Doing standalones is probably the best best. Keep the budgets low. Get people more knowledgeable about DC than just the trinity.

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They should make a movie that shows multiple adventures that various DC characters are on. Showcase the universe by moving from character to character or team to team. Look at the Clone Wars microseries by Genndy Tartakovsky for inspiration. Sell the general audience on how cool the world of DC is and how much there is to explore.

If they were going to do that, they would need a tree season run of animation, just like clone wars had.

Reboot!!! Even though I like Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Shazam!

I would say they need to restart everything and start the new universe (which should be called the dc cinematic universe by the way) with Matt Reeves Batman and go on from there