How can the DCEU be saved?

Warner Brothers are continually putting out films without a plan in mind. Like Zack Synder or not but he had a vision which he intended on following through. Since he’s been gone the DCEU has became a joke. Sure Aquaman and Shazam were amazing but where are we going now? Getting a birds of prey film with a African American black canary, a unwanted supergirl film before a man of steel sequel. I’ve been a DC fan for long time but I’m starting to lose hope. I want to hear what you guys would if you had a chance to completely redo everything up till now. Thoughts?


It was a joke when Zack Snyder was still a part of it. Remember all those neck snapping jokes after Man of Steel? Or those Martha jokes?

And who says people don’t want a Supergirl film?

There is no “saving” it, WB killed it trying to cater to haters. They’ve opted to go back to unrelated and formulaic solo outings. They’re just never going to write a story that needs Superman and or Batman from the shared universe. Everything about this new Batman movie sounds completely removed from DCEU. My gut is telling me we will just have self contained universes for these characters. Shazam, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman will technically be in a shared universe and there will be nods to Batman, Superman, Cyborg and Flash, but we will never see those guys on film again. Doubt we’ll even get team-ups.
Basically, they will all have a variation of that scene in Batman Forever where Bruce says to Dick “the circus must be half way to Metropolis by now”.

Also, the general audience doesnt have a “correct version” they’re waiting to spend their money on. They dont know that they were in for what I can only assume to be an epic story, there is nothing to save in their eyes. Most people dont know these films or characters exist until they see a trailer, and that’s when they decide if they’ll see it or not.

The studios just want profits, if they can achieve that more easily with low budget, C+ grade, solo films that dont lead to a finale or event film they will happily do so. Great way to achieve superhero fatigue though. It feels very much like they are no longer aiming big or high.

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I just posted on the “The World Needs Superman” thread my own thoughts on how to save the DCEU.

Give it a read.

It doesn’t need saving. It’s fine the way it is, and always has been. Critics and audiences alike are both responding positively to the newer outings, and the old stuff still has enough fans and defenders that the whole franchise has merit.
Also, where did you get the idea that people don’t want a Supergirl movie?
Also also, what’s wrong with Black Canary being (half-)black? Just asking.


Shazam is the best of the recent DC movies.
Aquaman was entertaining but muddled.
Wonder Woman is Gal Gadot.

DC should stop rebooting the Justice League canon and instead develop Young Justice, Legion of Doom, along with Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey.

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Once again I have to agree with Zombedy. It’s done

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I think most fans agree that nothing will ever change until DC breaks ties with or is no longer owned by Warner Bros. (so nothing will ever change)

I think everyone was very excited when this app was first announced because they made it sound like DC was actually in control, “Fuck Batman” had every hardcore DC fan crying tears of joy, and then we quickly learned Warner Bros was still calling the shots, and Swamp Thing is just the latest example of that and what a mess it all is…

Half the people I know that are hardcore Batman/DC fans are already saying they’re gonna sit this one out when the new movie is released, and not just because of the casting, although that’s the main reason, but mostly because they’re just over it, and I don’t blame them…

Man of Steel 2

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Sorrry to get off-topic, but wasn’t the whole “fuck Batman” thing universally reviled?

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Honestly DC is looking up since it started to empower the directors. Let them do what they do best. WB just needs to stop meddling and they’ll see the money when the directors make great films.

I do want to add I think it’s absurd that supergirl gets a film and they ignore Superman. DC needs to remember who Superman is and what he represents. I feel like only Jorge Jimenez truly depicts what Superman could be. It should be a fun movie with heart and laughter but most of all heroism.

Zombedy is right.

Do a Flashpoint movie and get rid of what didnt work and keep using what did. Some of their films are good, and so are the castings.

Shazam, Aquaman, Wonder-Woman can be used going forward. Keep Ray Fisher as Cyborg from Justice League, get a new Batman, Id keep Henry as Superman too (if he is willing).

Just Flashpoint it and get a new story going and reset the timeline, then they have a clean slate to work with and can still use some of what they have set up.


They’re already kinda doing what they can. Aquaman, Shazam, and the soon-to-come Wonder Woman sequel and Birds of Prey are going to be pretty removed from the rest of the DCEU while they reboot the rest of it. New Batman, probably new Superman, new Suicide Squad, the works.

Also, we don’t even have a Superman right now, so going forward with a Supergirl film (a character people love and know both due to comics and the CW). And I fail to see how a black Black Canary will hurt the DCEU (honestly I didn’t even hear about that before now) but if the fabric of the space-time continuum tears, then I’ll get your point.

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Batman would be easily changed in a flashpoint movie. Batman would be changed because of what happens in Flashpoint and the actor could be replaced? I’ve heard Henry Cavill is trying to get into the Marvel Cinematic Universe which could mean he’s done with the DCEU. Flashpoint would be a good way to keep the DCEU moving forward without making a bigger mess of things.

Aquaman and Wonder Woman have a big part in Flashpoint and somehow it could lead to them having bigger roles in the future of the DCEU. Shazam was a success and I could see him taking Superman’s role in the Justice League although it would still feel incomplete or different. Flash and Cyborg would still be there making the new Justice League Shazam, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg. (Maybe adding Mera?) That’s the Justice League I could see them making.

If they can get Henry Cavill for one last Man of Steel to introduce Supergirl or add him to the Supergirl movie then I’m all for that. Without more of Cavill’s Superman I don’t see the point of adding Supergirl.

For the rest of the DCEU, it seems like Harley Quinn might become more of a prominent figure. If Birds of Prey and The Suicide Squad do well then sequels will probably be made.

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I think right now they are just trying to introduce more characters into the universe as well as develop some new characters as well. With Black Canary I’m sure we’ll eventually get Green Arrow especially with the Arrow series ending. Were getting Suicide Squad with more villians introduced and with that, possibly more villans for Lex to recruit should they continue that storyline from the end of Justice League. Though I really wanna finish the Darkseid storyline but idk what they plan to do fully.

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Time is a paradox.

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Even if we take the premise of a single universe, and why should WW.

Getting charters that people crate about and give them their own films or new sequel

I actually in favor of a more loosely connected universe with self contained stories . Sometimes people team up or have cameos .
Like the Netflix shows before the stupid defenders series.