How can I reply a comment?

I’d like to reply to a few comments in several threads but I don’t know how. :grin:

I meant, how to reply to a particular member.

Hey @Moe.Vargas! Unfortunately, we do not have a direct message system in place. I will be sure to let the Justice League know of your query so they can review. :slight_smile:


@Harleys Puddin has the right of it :frowning: We are pushing hard to get it, as this is one of our most requested features (rightfully so!) My current method to work with this system is to make sure and start my response to a person with their username, so it catches their eye immediately.

@Moe.Vargas, like this!


@Applejack! Thank you very much!!!

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How do I cancel my subscription? I don’t see how to contact administrators.

@ericdavisrtr1971.83608, please find the Help Center link at the bottom of the page. They’ll be able to assist!