How Bright Is Your Future State - Introducing Our Patented Bleak-O-Meter

In the wake of Dark Nights: Death Metal, an infinite horizon stretches ahead of us for the DC multiverse, providing boundless possibilities for an endless configuration of futures to come. Such is the premise of DC’s Future State: each of these ambitious titles provides a small window into the promise that DC’s future holds, allowing stories to be told the likes of which we could never have seen before. But just because we can see the future, does that mean we’d want to live there? Which of these titles showcase the brightest futures, and which should prospective time travelers do their best to avoid? Wonder no further: we’re here with our state-of-the-art, patent-pending Bleak-O-Meter to determine just how dark each of the futures presented in Future State are, ensuring that you too can be prepared for your next sojourn into tomorrow.

Check out today’s article in the News section on as we review these periods chronologically, stepping further into the Future State as we go…

Do you agree with the Patented Bleak-O-Meter’s rankings? Tell us why or why not in the comments below! :point_down: :point_down:


Awesome™:+1:. Can’t wait to read these when they’re here eventually but nice seeing what titles are in what time.


I was reading unpublished DC comics, at the end of the page I saw this…

I sure would love to know more about it, can’t wait to read this and Future stats series when it comes to DC Universe Infinite.:grinning:

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It’s getting to be that comic books are all Dark and Dystopian, full of worlds and universes destroyed - characters recreated in a “New” image, a new version (Because we killed off the last six versions of him/her). … … … YEP! you need a Bleak-O-Meter, just to keep track of it all today !!!