How are the Batman Beyond comics?

I really liked the tv show but I haven’t heard much about the current Batman Beyond comic or its strengths and weaknesses


The current series that began under Rebirth is decent. I’ve only read the first arc and the current one, but I liked those stories well enough.

It branched off of Future’s End, then immediately threw that out and now is just kind of its own thing. I’ve enjoyed it pretty well, it has lots of ties to characters in the old show.

I just read the Batman Beyond 2.0 series. Not great but was definitely worth reading.

I’ve enjoyed it. Dan Jurgens usually does quality work. This is no exception.

The older Batman Beyond titles are fun too. In particulars, the mini-series from 1999 that debuted alongside the show and the TV tie-in ongoing that debuted later in 1999.

There’s a comic adaptation of the Return of the Joker movie too. I’ve not read it but it looks interesting.

Loved the tie ins that were released alongside the original series. I also liked the first arc of the Rebirth, but from that point on it was just wicked confusing and just didn’t feel like Batman Beyond.