How are Doom Patrol and Titans Connected - Timeline/Universe?

Is this set before or after the Dooms Day episode in Titans?

PS… How many personalities does Crazy Jane have?

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I’m not sure, it’s not entirely clear. My theory is the events in the town happened before Gar was even officially a part of the Doom Patrol. I have nothing solid to back that up besides the fact that he’s never mentioned nor are of the major events in that episode.

She has 64 personalities, but not all of them are active.

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I think before Crazy Jane, before Garfield. But after Crazy Jane is introduced, after Beast Boy. I think when Robotman


… was building the racetrack miniature, the years passed to 2019.

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Hmmmm (I said Dooms Day episode, when I meant to say Doom Patrol… glad you still knew what I meant.) That is a good theory though and you’re right, no reference to that episode… Yet?.. maybe there will be. But it did say it was set in 2019, so we might get a Titans reference later in the season maybe.


I say after, it’s 2019 on DP.

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I am pretty sure that the events in Titans are supposed to take place in 2017/2018, no?
If that is the case, then the flashbacks are all pre-Titans, and then when we get to 2019, they are post-Titans.

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64 personalities, if memory serves.

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I think with the change in actors and tone they are too worried about the continuity connecting. Which I’m fine with there usually are alot of difference between most back door pilots and full series premiers

It’s the same actors used from the Titans episode…

I think it’s gonna jump around in the time line because the first episode sets up Robotman and the others from the episode in Titans, but in Titans, Cyborg and Jane aren’t there yet, so it will probably jump over Titans at some point. Also, according to the DCU encyclopidia page Crazy Jane has 64 personalities

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Does Doom Patrol take place before or after Titans

Titans was 2017, Doom Patrol 2019 :slight_smile:

After Titans.


Despite re-using actors, the two shows are not connected.


After Paw Patrol, it seems that the chief can walk (for what seems the first time in a long time). Using this evidence and knowing that the chief had just become able to walk in Titans. I believe Doom Patrol is a prequel to Titans

What are your thoughts?

I’m not sure, Beast Boy is not in the show so he could of left but it’s also possible that he had not join yet. Also Crazy Jane is not in Titans so where is she? We know she is allowed out of the house so she could of left before Titans happened. One more reason though spoilers ahead for Titans, is that Trigon has come to earth and the darkness is spreading so i feel as though the cast would comment about that.

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It’s a good theory, but during the episode 2 scene in Detroit, when Cyborg goes over the crime blotter with Grid, the very first news report is “Metropolitan Father pleads not guilty to charges in I-94 crash that lead to 5 deaths; claims naked man, with dog, hit his car.” Which has to be Conner and Krypto from the post-credit scene of Titan’s finale.

I did just notice the “journalists” name from that article is William Cock… Nice dick joke by the Doom Patrol writers.

I don’t think you can read too much into Chief’s walking. This is a change in reality from Mr. Nobody - also note that he could not say Nobody’s name without emesis.

I also would point out the character development of Rita as a sign that the show is occurring after Beast Boy left.

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They also don’t seem amazed by the Chief walking, like it had happened before

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I really like this interview

It touches on the connections between the two shows, but also how Doom Patrol can still stand apart from Titans.