How About a New Campaign – Revive Justice League Unlimited?

Now that Snyder Cut will be happening, do you think that if we mount a strong campaign to bring Justice League Unlimited (aka the Timmverse) back to TV, that too can happen? Or even the Batman Animated Series.



I don’t think Bruce Timm wants to.

Some things are perfect the way they are. More doesn’t always mean better. They are a product of their time, and that’s great. Both JL & JLU both had these wonderful and complete two season arcs. They are classics for a reason, and that completeness is part of what makes them classics.

A new JLA, or even better JSA I’d love to see. But, the Timmverse is over, and that’s ok. Brice Timm just got done doing the Phantom Stranger short and its great. But it’s nothing like the Timmverse shows. I think he has moved on and that’s a good thing.


I don’t think it’ll happen, but I would love that!

I understand what you are saying, but the Timmverse doesn’t have to be over. Plus Bruce Timm didn’t do EVERYTHING, with regards to the Timmverse, meaning that he just has to oversea it. Plus, they are just stories, turned animated, and with the right vision and writers, they can go on forever…like the comic books. Look at the Batman Animated Series. Someone in DC said…“HEY, let’s make more stories”…and they did. It’s just that they’re comic books.

Plus, it’s been 16 years since JLU went off the air. LOL…if a lady gave birth to a kid, around the time the episode Destroyer aired, then he or she would be 16 years old today…and perhaps with a drivers permit. Too long. Too.Long.

Look, I love these shows. I love the animated movies. I own all of them, where Batman is a part of. It’s not possible that Bruce Timm is done. Absolutely impossible. DC should just show him the money and I bet he’ll be back.

Lastly, I find it very hard to believe that will all the drama, adventure, time travel that can easily be written in animated stories today, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman lack the longevity power to that of the Simpsons.

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That’s why we need a campaign.



I’m not saying Bruce is done. However, I think he has moved on and wants to do different things. JL:Gods and Monsters comes to mind. He really wanted to play with completely reimagine them. Sometimes creators want to move to different areas to keep themselves challenged.

Yes, there are plenty of ways to tell the stories of these characters. That doesn’t mean that it’s best to resurrect something 15 years old to do that. Batman has had 3 animated series ;the Batman, Brave & the Bold, and Beware the Batman since the Timmverse shut down. And we are no worse the wear because of it.

I still want to know why, to this day, WW has never had her own animated series. THAT is something I’d really like to see. Taking a JL or JLU type cast (JL Action did a bit of that) and creating a new sandbox to play in is, IMO, the way to do that. (And I say this as a massive JLU fan. It probably my favorite animated series of all time, any genre.)


I agree that JL/JLU is probably my favorite animated show ever, and I’d still much rather see a good Wonder Woman animated series than a JLU revival. Something that would basically be Diana’s equivalent of B:TAS or S:TAS would be a lot fresher since we haven’t seen a show that embraces all the main aspects/characters from her corner of the DC Universe


I’d love a sequel to justice league unlimited that continues the stories we’ve seen. I love the large ensemble cast that made up the show, it allowed for so many stories to be told and interesting characters to come together.

I think they could accomplish this again in a sequel fashion, and in a new way with new stories. Time has passed and the characters will change, and new ones can be added in.

Even if they reboot it and do another justice league cartoon with a large ensemble cast, the structure that worked so well for justice league unlimited, I’d be excited. It’d be a nice evolution of the original show and a chance for new creators to take their spin on the characters and stories.

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I think that is the way to do it. Reboot the idea, not necessarily the specific continuity or the character designs.

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I’m not the hashtagging type, but I do like the idea of another Justice League animated show. I like the half hour format, and the immersive and somewhat decompressed storytelling of the Bruce Timm shows (compared to say, Justice League Action). Not to mention the great score. I wouldn’t however want a return to the character designs or art style. While I do really appreciate how those shows looked, I’d prefer something a little less cartoonish… a somewhat more realistic art style.

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From what I recall the DCAU wrapped up pretty well didn’t it? Unlike Young Justice which was still in the middle of its story so its resurrection felt warranted. I could’ve sworn seeing an interview years ago with Bruce Timm that it ended because creatively they were done telling the stories they wanted to in that universe and didn’t want to force more out just because. At least in the wiki I found an entry from a Kevin Conroy interview stating something similar.

Just personally I don’t want to try forcing something like the universe’s resurrection if creatively the team have moved on or don’t have the need to revisit that material themselves.

If I had twitter I’d hashtag for an artbook tho. Love those designs. :heart_eyes:

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Justice league v the fatal five just made me want this show back even more. Susan Eisenberg has said the cast would love to come back and she recommended her own hashtag to use I think it was something like justice league reunion. Even if Bruce Timm doesn’t want to come back you NEED Andrea Romano. She nailed almost every character and no voice ever felt out of place. If the voice acting is off I wouldn’t be interested in it.

Here’s a great interview with the cast last year if you’ve never seen it.

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They certainly could reuse some/all items f the cast.

I think getting Andrea back may be more problematic. She’s semi-retired and working on her autobiography.

They’ve been using Wes Gleason (I think that’s the name) for the last several DC Animated movies, and those seem to have gone out fine.

If they were to use Stargirl, I really want @DCDaily Whitney Moore to get a crack at that role.

While I’ll agree that JLU might’ve been cut short in the end, that era of DC Animation is over imo. DC’s been only improving since then, and to return to it would feel super dated imo. I know they’ve tried with Batman and Harley Quinn and Justice League vs The Fata Five, but I personally wasn’t into those.

Not to be a downer, but I really only ever liked a little bit of that show. I found the destruction of Hawkman and Hawkgirl’s relationship to horrible to get over. I didn’t appreciate that they turned my favorite hero into a creep and then basically cut him out of Hawkgirl’s life. So I would not like this series to be continued. I feel very strongly about that.

I would like to see a new show if we got something, although I would love to see more in that universe

@DeSade-acolyteDarkseids voice felt so out of place to me. The dude looks like he’s made of stone he should have a low Gravely intimidating voice and I didn’t get that at all in JLD

I’m 100% all about this idea!! This was an amazing show for so many reasons, the penultimate being #wonderbat (where my other BrucexDiana shippers at in the house??:joy::woman_shrugging:). No but seriously, it was a masterpiece. Bring it back.