How about a JLI Movie or HBO Max series starring Pedro Pascal?

Watched WW84 again yesterday and came away wishing we could see what Max Lord does next. He seems on the path to redemption, but he’s still Max Lord so there’s a good chance he’ll end up running another get-rich-quick scam. I love the idea of Max’s takeaway from the whole movie being to form his own superhero team. It’s the perfect opportunity to make a Justice League International movie! You could keep the 1980s setting, lean on the humour, and use characters like Booster Gold and Blue Beetle that fans have been hoping to see on screen for years.

(Look, I know WW84 is not likely to get any kind of spin-off but let me dream.)

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Its what the film should have been setting up in the first place.

I still think the first WW film needed an Ememy Ace reference

@mrmiracle: WW84 was an abysmal mess of a movie. But a Maxwell Lord JLI series starring Pedro Pascal might actually be fun. He can gather Booster, Ted Kord, Fire and Ice, and Guy Gardner as his team of misfits and losers who stumble along doing good in spite of their Seinfeld-esque view of humnaity.