House of Secrets Bronze Age Omnibus vol. 2 - Which Design Is Better?

Which design do you like better?
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(It would be cool if images could be a poll option.)

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Image one is so clean, that artwork is too nice not to have it take up the whole cover

While the first one is a slightly enlarged picture, I notice the keyboard more in the second one. Not only that, but all elements of the first are in the second, as well as having a Bronze Age design, easily making it identifiable for a quick scan (in a library filled of omnibuses). Plus, the bottom of the first art seems slightly confusing to include, whereas the second clearly states “This is the Bronze Age.” and “This keeps the format of others”. It seems more simplistic, yet it also has the house frame unlike the first.

I could be missing some details, but I find it difficult to see any positive for the first one. Any particular reason why you think it looks clean or why it would be an injustice to not go for the first design?