House of Mystery week 2 Final Crisis

Welcome everyone to The House of Mystery. My goal with these threads is to generate intereating conversation, and just have fun with our communal love of all things DC. This week I was hoping to hear what other people think of Final Crisis by Grant Morrison. Personally I love Grant Morrison. I think his writing and the ideas he has in his comics are fascinating. The Invisibles is one of the trippiest comics I’ve read. Also his comic Nameless for Image was the most interesting thing I’ve read in years, but Final Crisis was different. The first time I read this event I hated it. I thought it was stupid, made no sense, and was just being used to kill Batman off for a few months. A few years later I reread it. This time I loved it. I didn’t realize how dense this story was. It really is the culmination of everything DC had been building since Identity Crisis. This has become one of my favorite Morrison books since. He also wrote my all time favorite Flash moments. I won’t spoil it for anyone, but it is a story about how the Flash outran… I’ll let you read the rest in Final Crisis. What are your thoughts on this event.

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I gotta be honest it’s been awhile since I’ve read this so a lot of the finer details have been lost to me but this is what I wrote in a review about it four years ago:

" For some reason I got it in my head that I wanted to reread this and see if I thought it was any better the second go around. Well, it wasn’t. I kind of feel like Grant Morrison comes up with good ideas. It’s the execution of those ideas that often fails for me. It feels like this collection is missing huge parts of the story, it’s disjointed and hard to follow for even me who’s been reading DC comics for over 30 years… and the dialog is over the top and pretentious most of the time. It’s sort of interesting for the inclusion of little used characters, but this story is strictly for the Über fan only."

Grant Morrison is sorta a hit and miss writer for me.

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@bloodviolet. I do agree with you in part. This story only works if your a big grant morrison fan. I like Morrisons concepts and ideas. That being said you do have to fill in some blanks in the story. If you just read Final Crisis 1-7 then the last issue doesn’t make sense. You have to read the tie ins and issues of Batman he wrote at this time. These fill in some blanks, but overall the story can be disjointed and feel empty at points. I interpret this as a literal example of Darkseid dragging the multiverse and time down with him. As the series goes on time speeds up because Darkseid is dragging everything with him which speeds up time. This explains why certain issues have gaps in the story. With this in mind I enjoy the story and don’t really question the gaps in the story.