House of Horror 75 - DCEMBER IS DCEASED

:st_swamp_thing: Greetings Horror Hounds! :st_swamp_thing:

For the month of DCember we are going to read DCeased, all of it!!! (minus the current series as that is still released each month)

It looks like there are a lot of books to read but Hope At World’s End are digital releases and 2 pages make one normal comic page.

We will be back in January with even more things to read and more things to watch if people are still interested in HOH TV.

I am curious, how many of you have DC Ultra? Would it be feasible to alternate between regular DCUI and DCUIU? (There is a lot of new horror in the Ultra library!)

  • Sure, let’s alternate between DC Universe Inifinite and Ultra. A bigger library of horror comics, you say? Of course, I would love to alternate!
  • I don’t want to alternate between DC Universe Infinite and Ultra, that is a bad idea, why would DS ask such a thing?

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:house_of_horror: Books to Read :house_of_horror:
(The below link goes to the storyline for DCeased and has all of the books, minus the new series. Also, I would suggest reading A Good Day To Die between DCeased 4 and 5. You don’t have to but that follows the release order date order.)


Something about Zombies, DC heros and Villains really goes well together, and DCEASED does amazing at it all. This is actually my first time reading this series and WOW, its always fun seeing the good guys and bad guys team up for survival together. So much DEATH, twist and turns. I love Barbara Gordon so you know I was sad seeing what happened to her :sob: I hope everyone else has been enjoying their reads (: :poisonivy_hqas:


I’ve read DCeased and a bit of World’s End, but that’s about it. This might be a fun way to get me to read all of it. :slight_smile:


My favorite part about reading this series is trying to figure out the narrator is. It is pretty obvious once it is revealed but I love how that was a part of the story.

Later on, when I am not working, I will get a picture of my newest addition to my Batgirl collection and it is relevant to this topic!

@GaaraMcLovin so glad you are enjoying this! Being honest, I was not very excited when this series launched. I was worn on out zombie super hero stories thanks to Marvel Zombies. In my opinion, this is a far superior story and am very happy my friend nagged me to read the first few issues. I was instantly hooked!


I went through the first volume of DCeased last night – read it before, but it’s definitely a solid enough story. I think it sells the horror of this kind of situation pretty well. When you think about it, what makes a zombie story horrifying isn’t so much the rotting flesh and the violent bites, it’s the sudden and impossible feeling clash with death and the prospect of our own mortality. You definitely see a lot of that in terms of what happens to many of these beloved characters; those passing moments also allow other characters outside of the big 3 to shine, which, as much as I love those characters, is always cool to see. I also dig how they handle the zombie plague here, not only in terms of what they are and how it spreads being unique, but leaving some mystery and extra tragedy in Diana’s final words to Victor.

There are a few nagging complaints I have with this. For one, I think the art works well enough, especially when we get the gross zombie stuff, but there are definitely panels where characters just don’t look right to me. I feel like the best art in these issues is the Darrick Robinson art in the A Good Day To Die one-shot.

Also, I have to ask…how did Cyborg get his tongue back? I remember seeing Darkseid order Desaad to remove his tongue at the beginning of the story and I don’t think they ever explained what happened. I guess he just grew a cyber tongue?

Anyway, now to decide if I should go with The Unkillables or Hope At World’s End next…


This makes sense to me. You would think there would be a scene with that happening, even in the background. Instead, they were like, “Nah, he has a tongue now.”


I was planning on just reading an issue of the next book, The Unkillables, and here I am, just finishing up Dead Planet. :sweat_smile: Man, this whole saga is really easy to binge!


It really is. Once you get through the first series, everything seems to fall into place and go real quick.

Also, I really love Black Canary in the DCeased universe!


Just finished the original series again. I am looking forward to reading the rest. Thing I love about all of these stories is that they leave no questions unanswered. The stakes are so high and anything can happen.