House of Horror 29 - Returning To The Dark Mansion

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DC Communy’s Pride Celebration is in full swing. Personally, I have been enjoying the Pride Profiles a lot. Before we get too deep into the world of horror and Pride @LaserPuff and I would like to welcome our newest member @DANKNITE420. As you make yourself comfortable in the House of Horror I strongly suggest against going into all of the rooms as they are forbidden. Honestly, I have no idea what lurks in there but it cannot be good.

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This week we are going to return to a House of Horror favorite, The Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love #3! Then we are going to visit the Dark Mansion with Deadman in Deadman: The Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love #1-3!

It should be noted that the cover artist for Dark Mansion #3 was Jeffrey Catherine Jones.

:00_dc_pride:Pride Profile: Jeffrey Catherine Jones
There are artists who you simply cannot do justice to in a short prolife, Jones is one of those. Jones graduated with a degree in geology in 1967, but then moved to New York with wife Louise (who would go on to marry Walt Simonson and cement her own place in comics history) to pursue work as an artist. The work came quickly from comic companies including DC. But it was drawing beautiful strong female characters that earned Jones’ reputation, particularly for Vampirella . After years with magazines like Heavy Metal and National Lampoon , Jones eventually stopped working for hire to produce more intimate meaningful art. Jones’ personal life was a struggle falling into heavy drinking trying to deal with gender identity issues. Eventually in 1998, after years of conflict, Jones added Catherine to her name and began living fully as a woman, and returned to some more commercial work, including DC again. Unfortunately, Jones passed away in 2011 from a combination of medical issues.

:house_of_horror: Books to Read :house_of_horror:

The Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love 3 (1971) (rated 12+)

Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love 1 (2016) (rated 12+)

Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love 2 (2016) (rated 12+)

Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love 3 (2016) (rated 12+)

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:00_dc_pride: Don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the books we have read this month! Did The Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love 3 continue the greatness that we have previously seen in this series? Does Jeffrey Catherine Jones’ cover convey the story found inside? Did you like Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love? Do you like this series better or worse than the original series?

A few new horror comics are hitting comic store shelves this week! We might not be reading the books right away and some of them might even be discussed in other clubs upon release. Think of this as a preview of what might be lurking in the dark corners of House of Horror.

Released 6/15


New to DCUI 6/15: please note these are subject to change

Did you read The Conjuring: Lover 1 and/or The Nice House On The Lake? Do you want to talk about it with others that have? Have no fear Horror Hound! We have an entire topic where there is such a discussion filled with news drops, page previews, and what we liked or didn’t like about these comics!

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That’s an interesting profile on Jones, I didn’t know about Louise’s first husband. She’s always been a Simonson to me. I don’t think that I’m familiar with their work, so I’ll have to go and read up on Jones, and find more art examples. “The Dark Mansion of Forbidden of Love” cover is really great!

Ok, so I just started looking up Jones, and I kept thinking the name Jeff Jones sounded so familiar. Now that I see some of the stand alone art pieces, like book covers, I totally recognize the work! Jones did one of my favorite covers back when I was a teen, and I found “Nine Princes in Amber” by Roger Zelazny in a used bookstore. Well, back off for more discovery.


You don’t have to look too hard. @msgtv has been doing a great job with the Pride profiles here on DCUI and he even included some covers that she did!

I also strongly suggest this weeks issue of Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love. I haven’t read it yet, which happens more often than not with HoH book selections. However, I have read the first 2 books and each is a standalone story. The best way to describe this title is like an early version of a graphic novel, trying to fit in everything that one would find in a novel but in a comic form and comic page count.


That Deadman is a hidden gem. Such an amazing read. I put a Deadman reading order on here b4 u could do links or anything. I just typed it all out by hand lol. The ones that were missing I think we have now. They were at the end of the order anyways & optional to continue, but, they did all line up. That Mansion was in it. Idk how great it was gonna be, took me by surprise. I’d never heard of it b4 that?


You know, the funny thing about “that mansion” is that I am not sure if it is the same mansion in each story. Unlike House of Mystery and House of Secrets which became actual places in the DCU, Dark Mansion focused more on random creepy romances than the other horror franchises we have on DCUI.


Yeah I loved the whole flashback thing, & origin story of the female entity he meets there. Also love how Deadman knew what was happening (in supernatural terms) the whole time. But, as the reader u didn’t know for sure what he knew until he confirmed it.

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I’ve read the Deadman story a couple of times before – really good stuff, nice spooky gothic romance story. The romance element is solid, and it’s cool that we get some representation we don’t see all that often in at least mainstream comics in the form of a genderqueer character.


I loved the circus “ghosts” maybe entities? The whole background of that break off side story in the Mansion of Love. I believe it’s Kelley Jones? Whom I love!!! I read so much I get things confused. Also, I don’t like to Google & check lol. I know I should but there’s so many smart people on here…- I know I’ll get corrected anyways? But, this is how “I “ learn the best. Just go straight off the top of my head haha.

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Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love 3 is a bit different than the first 2 books in this series. At first glance, this goes into the world of romance a lot more. It also deals with the supernatural like vampires and werewolves. The twist at the end makes sense and wraps everything up nicely but it felt like it took a while to get there.

This is my least favorite of this series, so far. It is still not a bad read by any means but not as good as the greatness we have previously read.


Finally got around to reading Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love. I really enjoyed this story and it fits within the original Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love style. The romance in this book was great as was the supernatural events that took place. I really liked the story of Bernice and Sam as they bonded while saving ghosts.

@capo-mage was right, this is a great book. I was also able to dig up the Deadman reading list that capo made. For those who want to dig deeper into the world of Deadman.

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Ty for doing that. I was off for the Holiday Weekend. I tried to find it but it was so long ago I forgot how I even titled it. Should’ve known it was the simplest terms ever haha. Literally just had to search Deadman Reading Order & I would’ve found it. I just remembered I forgot to start with All Stars on one so I wasn’t sure what I titled the correct version? Back than if u typed it & hit send, permanent. No such thing as edit.