House of Horror 18 - Just League Horrors Week 4 (Witching War)

Hey! (in my best Frank Black voice - if you haven’t listened to The Pixies you need to get on that)

I hope all of you Horror Hounds are doing great. I know I have had a really productive couple of days and I am finally settling down and about to read some brand spanking new comics. Talking about things that are brand spanking new, let’s give @hmauricio_1998.11655 a horrific welcome to our cobweb-filled corner of DC Universe Infinite. I hope you enjoy your stay in the House of Horror, just don’t go in the kitchen. That is where the goblins like to hang out.

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In our final week of Justice League Horrors, we are going to rock out to Witching War from Justice League Dark 14-19!!! I really loved Witching Hour so I am hoping this will live up to my expectations. This has been released as Justice League Dark Vol 3: The Witching War as a trade paperback.

:books: Books to read:
Justice League Dark 14 (2018) (rated 15+)

Justice League Dark 15 (2018) (rated 15+)

Justice League Dark 16 (2018) (rated 15+)

Justice League Dark 17 (2018) (rated 15+)

Justice League Dark 18 (2018) (rated 15+)

Justice League Dark 19 (2018) (rated 15+)

I can’t wait to see everyone’s reactions to this story! Did you think it was as good as Witching Hour? You can even use magnetic poetry* to tell us what you think!

If are you in the mood for more Justice League make sure to check out Justice League Book Club where they are reading Justice League: No Justice! If you are in the mood for even more Justice League, check out the DC Book Club where they are continuing the story from No Justice with Scott Snyder’s Justice League: The Totality. Not only am I promoting these clubs and books but I am also a member of both and both selections kick :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

There are a few new horror comics hitting comic store shelves this week! We might not be reading the books right away and some of them might even be discussed in other clubs upon release. Think of this as a preview of what might be lurking in the dark corners of House of Horror.

Released 3/30
Once again no new horror comics from DC…

Oh, wait one second! There is no reason to be sad Swamp Thing! There will be a new trade paperback for us Horror Hounds to purchase!!!

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Frank Black…any relation to Mr. Black, of The Simpsons fame?

“Gentlemen, to evil!”


I highly doubt it as Frank Black is a stage name.


I bet that Mr. Black wouldn’t have dubbed his name in over audio of Krusty’s voice, like the Simpsons’ Mr. Black did.

Mr. Black=the load in Kamp Krusty’s pants.


Read the first issue. Omens and a gathering army of evil. So ominous.

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Reading this directly after Witching Hour flowed perfectly. I know we didn’t read the 10 issues in between Witching Hour and Witching War but I can’t say that I was confused or feel like I missed anything.

Witching Hour is a huge summer blockbuster where Witching War felt more like a movie from A24. There are a lot of moving pieces and even more characters. Circe has gone full mad and assembles an Injustice League Dark…okay maybe there are too many DC properties floating around out there. Meanwhile, Justice League Dark is worrying about what is happening the world of magic. The overall cast of characters expands and that is for the better. Sadly, we don’t get to see too much of the Injustice League Dark as Circe is doing what Circe do. There was also a moment that reminded of JLA: Scary Monsters. Thankfully, it was one of the better aspects of that miniseries. Wonder Woman becoming the bad guy, even for a moment, is always worth read in my opinion.

One thing is for certain, the art in these books is dark and beautiful.

This also shows how JLD ties into the bigger Justice League story being told in Justice League: No Heroes, Justice League, and Justice League Odessey.

If you are in the DC Book Club you have surely noticed this symbol that was in The Totality.

While Witching War might not be as good as Witching Hour, I can’t hold that against this story. In my opinion, there aren’t many stories that even come close to Witching Hour in the past 5 years. There is a lot to take in and finally closure to Witching Hour!

What are your thoughts on this story?