Hot Toys Aquaman

Anyone planning on pre-ordering the Hot Toys Aquaman figure?

I’m hoping they change up how the hair looks on the prototype, but overall I think it looks great.

If Ocean Master, Black Manta, and Mera are teased I guess I’ll have to save up for the whole set


I’m waiting on the production model as I was not that impressed with the face sculpt on the JL Aquaman.

What does it look like? Can I have a link?

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I’ve never bought a HT figure and likely never will (the QC seems spotty for something so expensive) but I’d be curious to see what their take on Mera is.

@Liquifator here’s the link. I believe sideshow did show a pic of the JL Aquaman with an updated headsculpt. The pic had all of sideshow pre-orders that are shipping very soon.