Hot Take: The Ric Grayson story is pretty darn good.

I get people love to hate on Ric, but this might be the most Dick Grayson Nightwing has been in a long time.

I keep hearing the word Edgy about this book. There is absolutely nothing edgy about it. It’s about a guy that lost his memory but still is a hero no matter what name he goes by.

It’s actually a darn good story.

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I’ll give it a try when it gets on here

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I’ll say that there was definitely potential from what I’ve seen, but as it was starting and coming out, I just lost interest rather quickly.

I’ll do you one better on that hot take: while the Nightwing stuff after was pretty solid and fun superhero comics, seeing Dick flounder around the past few years make me think that he really should have just dropped the superhero identity entirely and stuck to Dick Grayson: super spy. It gave him a unique hook that almost no one else in the DCU has, and still fits his character pretty well.

It’s a… rough go. Dan DiDio, man… He might as well be writing that book…

I mean, Didio has actually written some pretty half-decent stuff. I’d much rather read anything from him than, say, modern day Dan Jurgens.

That was more talking about how he’s clearly painted a target over the head of every sidekick in the DC universe.


That’s good, because I have been trying to catch up to the Ric storyline and I did want to be disappointed.

I read it but I find the Nughtwing squad uninteresting.

Cant wait for reboot


I really liked the Grayson series, could have stuck around for a lot more of that

I’ve enjoyed it somewhat but I’m about ready for Ric to exit stage left at this point. I want Dick back. It really sucks with the stuff going on in Batman that we couldn’t have Dick involved.


I am hate reading this series I cringe every time he or anyone else says Ric grayson in the book it’s just annoying I hate that Dan Dido has such a lack of respect for the legacy characters it’s one of the things that’s makes DC great and one thing that marvel doesn’t do quite as good as they do


Honestly I think a good fraction of the outrage is just fangirls who are mad he cut his hair.

The talon angle looks interesting

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If it didn’t repeat the same “I’m not Dick anymore I’m Ric now.” For the first 3-5 pages of every issue it would be better. Also if it focused on Dick rather than on trying to make me like a half dozen new character’s I couldn’t care less about. Dick just went through something huge, focus on him instead of making two-thirds of every book centered around these other Nightwings. I feel like every book is rinse and repeat with “I’m not Dick anymore” then 10 pages of the other Nightwings and ending with Ric saving them or something. The plot centered around characters I don’t care about hardly moves each issue and this should have been wrapped up a good 6 months ago.