Hostess Fruit Pie Add - On the DC Universe

Ok here was a surprise. I was reading Superman #305… because always up for a random Superman comic. And what do I see… a one page advertisement titled “Green Lantern and the Fuit Pie Scene”… yep, one of those well remembered (to those of us who read DC Comics of the time, or looked at back issues) Hostess Fruit Pie adds.

They don’t have the Hostess add for the next issue I checked. So my guess is that whoever digitized the comic didn’t realize it was an add. But man oh man what a great mistake to make.


No kidding! I honestly wish ALL the ads were digitized. As a kid, I remember pouring over the comic collector mail order services. The ads for crappy horror movies were great. The DC house ads were so intriguing. The crossover checklists. The ads for magazine sales with prizes. The hover craft kits. The weird Meat Loaf ad. Night Breed. BMG CD club. I miss them all.


Oh boy…do I love those Hostess ads. I saw them in comics that existed before I did and they were so cool! The little story was fun as was the art.

I had a cherry Hostess pie a few nights ago and with every bite, I thought of those classic ads.


@harley.333 complete old comics are like time capsules, with the story, the adds, the letter columns telling us what fans at the time were thinking of the current comics of the day (the internet is great but I hate it pretty much killed letter columns in comic books). I wish they would include all of that, I can guess as to a lot of reasons why they haven’t included adds, letter columns, etc. but do kind of miss them.

And the hostess adds were something else. I may be wrong but I don’t think they ever put the same add in the same two comics, I never recalled seeing a duplicate, it was a brilliant add campaign.

I thought I might be alone in getting enjoyment out of ads in old comics. “Time capsule” is the perfect thing to call them. The double-page spread ads for Saturday morning cartoon lineups on the major networks make me nostalgic every time.

That’s what I really miss in the digital format (that and letter columns). Ah, well. We can’t have everything, and I certainly can’t complain.

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I love the Saturday Morning cartoon spreads. as a kid of the 80’s who lived for Saturday Morning cartoons growing up I saw most of this stuff (even the ones before my time I saw in re-runs in most cases) so looking at those Saturday Morning adds always brings back so many memories.

AMAZING- thanks so much DanTheManOne1, this reminds me it’s time to get lunch! I hope this is the start of all sorts of fun ad sharing from the days of yore :heart_eyes:

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I’ve seen the Saturday morning double page spreads and those are fun too. Especially for someone like me who wasn’t alive when those shows originally aired. It’s neat to see what their timeslots were and how they were promoted when they were new.

As for other comic ads, I enjoy the ones for toys quite a bit. Kenner Super Powers and Star Wars, Remco’s Warlord line (and their light-up Spider-Man figure and the products that related to it when I read Marvel), etc, etc. Even Mattel ads from a decade and change back for The Batman, Batman Begins, DC Super Heroes and Justice League Unlimited are fun.

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Hmm. I don’t get it. I looked at that issue here and noted that it was a scan, and not a very good one. I also own that issue digitally on Comixology and it is a nice clean version of the book. It also doesn’t have that ad.

Wondering why this scan exists in the library when a clean version obviously exists.

Agreed about toy ads. They definitely hit my nostalgia button, too. I still have my Super Powers batmobile somewhere.

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And I agree with everyone here. Love the old ads.

While being an 80’s kid and a 90’s teen I have a softer spot for the adds of the 80’s but I do love a lot of the 90’s adds because they are so… 90’s. The video game adds also bring back a lot of memories.