Honoring Super Moms!

It’s Mother’s Day! And to celebrate all of the amazing moms out there in the world, we’re asking you to let us know which superheroine the mother in your life is most like. Is she a balanced and fair-minded heroine like Wonder Woman? Is she a ray of sunshine like Supergirl? We’re eager to find out!

All mothers count in this! Do you know, or are you yourself, a Super Mom? Tell us more below!

Super Women

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This is a though one. So many she possibly could be. I would have to say Wonder Woman. She been through a lot showing her strength and especially showed raising my brothers and I. She is very kind and truthful but strict when she needs to be. She is very truthful. She’s always like the truth so I would say she’s winder woman.


Probably Batgirl ( Barbara Gordon) because she is very smart, clever, and crafty with surroundings.


Mary Marvel.

Incredibly sweet and caring, but also ready to go to bat for her loved ones if she needs to.


I almost put Mary marvel, but changed my mind.

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I love this picture! One of my favorite heroes!

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