Honestly DC?!?!

You guys need to get on the ball and make Amethyst a full series, my daughter rewatches that cartoon and her eyes light up each time… You guys are missing a key demographic here!

It’s even got some Legend of Zelda vibes that work well with nostalgia and whatnot.



Welcome to DC Universe @eacanda79.59963! :slightly_smiling_face: If you post about this in Suggestion section in ‘What’s NOT on DC streaming would you like added,’ The mods may forward your idea. I’m not sure if those shorts were ever met as a series, but it’s worth a try.


Thank u for the opening to finally show off my Zelda wristbands, lol.


Sounds good to me. But currently they only seem concerned with “mature” content.


I concur, my daughter is the same way with that cartoon… To quote Freakazoid “how TOYETIC can you get!”
Toy-e-tic (adj) It’s a word created by marketing people, It means an object or a device featured in a cartoon that can easily become a mass produced toy!
You folks are dropping the ball! Tsk tsk DC!
Girl power and whatnot!!!

Good news: there’s an original Amethyst comic story coming from Amy Reeder!

:confused: Looks more like Jem :sweat_smile: