Holy Smokes!!.....Them Shazam Reviews!!!😅😆😄

DC’s Shazam is getting a whole lotta positive reviews​:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:Im so happy…I loved Shazam from way back and im glad the character is getting his dues. …Its amazing that Aquaman and Shazam are showing up Batman and Superman in the DC movie world…in the meantime, Make Mines …Shazam!!!☇☇☇


I have no interest in Shazam(the character or film)but am glad it’s a success with critics and fans as well as likely the box office


Forbes review calls it a thunderous achievement, nice play on words and great review


I saw the Fandango Preview showtime. This is by far one of the greatest DC films ever and one of the best superhero movies in general. I dig the grim in BvS, but Shazam is really another level for DC. This film combines the spectacle of the original Superman movie, and the emotional core of Wonder Woman. Aquaman was a thrill ride. Shazam was magical. If you love DC this is the movie with the easter eggs and surprises for you. Two straight hits for DC. I can’t wait for Joker and Birds of Prey. Rating: 8.5/10. DCEU best movie to date right with Wonder Woman.


@ManOfFeels…people who watched it said it brought 80s vibe feels to it, ranging from movies of Goonies, Big, and Teen Wolf​:astonished:…being the lover of the 80s, i cant wait to see it…some relatives of mines have seen it also, so jealous​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Believe the hype!!! I’d agree this movie is the best one DC has made so far! While it has a couple dark moments, overall it’s pretty lighthearted! It’s so full of fun, magic, adventure and comedy! There are several nods to the DCU, Shazam mythology new & old and yeah, definitely has an 80s kid adventure vibe to it. There are some also pretty big nods to Big, clearly an inspiration for this film. But yeah, while this movie is satisfying, it will leave you cheering and excited for future adventures!!!

So c’mon everybody out there in the DCU!!! Come April 5th, go see Shazam!!! Take your family if you have one!!! You will all be delighted—whether you know much about or care much for the characters! The filmmakers & cast did phenomenal work here, evident in the final product, in bringing SHAZAM to life!

What else can I say?!? Besides again excitedly emphasizing you should treat yourself and see it?



The fact people like it more than the Synder movies is not surprising. Except for a circle of die hard fans, most of us prefer a lighter uplifting tone to a movie.

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I’m glad to see Shazam is loaded with nods to the rest of the DC universe, as it’s clearly a sign of respect for the other DC movies. People trying to use Shazam as a chance to bash the preceding movies are missing the point. Director David F Samberg has repeatedly assured us Shazam takes place in the same DCEU as the other movies.



I saw the movie. It was funny. But 3rd act was the best


So sad I missed the previews!. Can’t wait!

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Shazam! was a great movie, every bit as good as I thought it was going to be.


I loved the movie. I’ve been reading positive and negative reviews just to see what people think especially critics. Does it bother anyone that DCEU gets dragged for things that Marvel does? I don’t want to make this a versus thing cause I love both, but I’m at a boiling point with the double standard. I feel if Marvel does something questionable then it’s forgotten or over looked but at this point it’s so easy and lazy to just hate on DCEU. But back to the movie, it was wonderful and very Gremlins-like.


@nicktews, yes, the double standard is absolutely irritating. For just one relatively recent example, a couple of Rotten Tomatoes-certified critics from Collider gave Aquaman a rotten review, saying the movie wasn’t fun for them, and specifically called out the giant octopus playing the drums as something they thought was incredibly stupid. Okay, that’s just their opinion, so it’s fine, right?

Yet looking back at their review for Ant-Man and the Wasp, the same couple of Collider critics loved it as one of the most fun Marvel movies, but they didn’t have a single word of complaint for the giant ant playing the drums in that movie.

I mean, their hypocrisy is just so blatant. That’s just a single example. I could go on all day about that sort of contradictory hypocritical attitude among Rotten Tomatoes critics leveled against pretty much all the recent DC movies.

Shazam definitely exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend to any and everyone! :smiley: