Holy Musical Batman! Are there any Starkid fans out here? Have any of you guys seen Black Friday

I love Starkids musical, and I want to see how far the fandom goes. If you have watched Black Friday, what did you think about it?

I watched A Very Potter Musical back in the day on YouTube, and… Me and My Dick? I didn’t like that one so much. A Very Potter Sequel was okay, and then I kinda tuned out halfway through Holy Musical B@man. My sister was a huge Darren Criss fan for years, though.

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There was a sci fi one I saw too. I can’t remember what it was called, but there was a character named Tootsy Noodles. It was fine.

I haven’t seen all of Starkid’s productions, but I absolutely loved Holy Musical B@man! The songs are fantastic, Sweet Tooth made for a surprisingly great villain (I’m also a sucker for puns, including all the candy ones) and I thought it was just a really effective mix of comedy and emotion. It was also interesting how it ended up mirroring a lot of the beats of The Lego Batman Movie - that was actually the first thing I noticed when I 1st saw the trailer. The Very Potter Musicals are also some of my favorites for sure

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