"Holy Collection Thread, Batman!"

:00_batman_1989: “Monday, March 20th. The Community is busy for evening, even with all the work due. Hidden, nowhere to be seen, building up this thread. I’m here too. Watching. 2 years of being in this place have turned me into a true nerd than before. When that thread hits the public, it’s not just a call… It’s an invite. To them…” WHERE’S THE BATMAN COLLECTION THREAD??? :00_batman_1992:

Right here! I noticed as I was scrolling that there is no collection thread for Batman, The G.O.A.T. So I took the liberty to make one, since there’s already some on Wonder Woman & Superman as far as collection threads go. So please, share your Batman collection if you’d like. Action figures, Funko, statues, retro collectibles, anything you’d like. Heck, get fancy with the photos if you’d like and do some photography. Everyone is welcome, no matter how big or small the collection may be. :batparrot:


Well, I love collecting threads so here we go!

My most prized piece: Batman Talking Alarm Clock. I had one of these as a kid and used it all the time. I obviously had to buy one as an adult. It is a wind-up clock so it is always 9:16 around here unless I get ambitious:

A video of what it sounds like:

Vintage Batman and Robin Megos! I used to have them and the batmobile. More things from my childhood I ended up buying again as an adult:

(I bought the plastic shell cases without the backing, and then used gold christmas wrapping paper to back them. You can almost see the “Merry Christmas,” “Joyeux Noel,” and “Feliz Navidad” if you get up close, but from a distance they look snazzy and I saved $10 for each of them. I have 15 or so of them so it was worth it).

Cool vintage toy sets. They were a buck or two back in the day but I paid a bit more for them now. Worth it.

Have you ever wondered what Batman and Robin would look like as tank engines? Wonder no more! Also in the back you can see armored Batman keeping an eye on Cheetah.

The Bat and the Cat. These things are hilarious.

My collection of Batman graphic novels. I have had a lot of these since the late 80’s and early 90’s. Finally got Knightfall volume 3 after all these years.

My Carrie Kelley shelf! My wife’s name is Carrie and they were both teenagers in the late 80’s and I have never seen the two of them in the same place at the same time so……

Didn’t realise I had so much Batman! :00_batman_1989:


As corny as that clock sounds, I would totally get that if I ever found it somewhere.

I’m jealous that you have that many Batman comics lol. I have all these Batman collections on my Amazon list, and I’ve never gotten around to buying them. Very cool collection! :+1: :thumbs_up_batman:

I think its time you confront her about that. Start by checking for any good hiding spots to hide a costume :00_robin: