Holy Batswag Batman those fabulous fraggers have done it again!

So went to check my mail today and BLAMMO! What do I find? Just another bit of radness sent to yours truly from the amazing team at DCU

can’t even begin to describe how awesome this is. Dcu thank you so much. But I would like to point out that, (using fancy math) that all the swag you’ve sent me in this year is equal to at least four years of membership. I’m worried y’all are gonna give away all your profits! Well regardless of what fancy gifts you send me or if your accountants are hammered out of their minds, my steel is yours now and always!


Wowwwww. How cool!

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I know I was so stoked, I keep the black and white next to me so Batman can watch over me while I sleep.

That makes sense. He looks pretty settled in, so he’s not going anywhere.