Hey Everyone! Who on DC Universe listens to HOLY Batcast with Andy, Jaime, and Brenden? It’s a seriously great podcast. If you’re interested in the DC universe at all you definitely need to listen to this podcast! Its the best place to hear fun people talk about your favorite heroes. And there’s never any negativity. They have a super entertaining review of Batman: The long Halloween, as well as batman the animated series. What other DC podcasts do you love?


Love Holy Batcast. Also love the Suicide Squadcast.

Recently I just discovered Bat Force Radio thanks to a fellow DCU member. It’s great because it’s a more comic focused podcast.

I’ll also give a shoutout to what Fatman on Batman used to be, a great place for Batman creator interviews. It’s nothing like it used to be but any Batman fan should go and check out the older interviews with the likes of Paul Dini, Neal Adams, Grant Morrison, Scott Snyder etc. Some REALLY good stuff.


I do! It’s my favorite podcast out there. I started a thread about
a month ago about Podcasts and suggested people listen to a few show and asked which other ones they listen to. I recommend that people listen to Holy Batcast a few times in the thread, as it really is a good show, also the guys are great! The Squadcast network is also a great network of shows.

@ Matches, that was me who recommended it! :slight_smile:

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Well thank you! They have some great interviews. The Bermejo one was equally fascinating and concerning.

Holy Batcast and dc universe on screen are the best dc related podcast. Comic squadcast is the best show out of that godawful network.

@ Matches. Yeah, it was crazy what was involved with Damned. Can’t believe how Dan Didio was calling me “greedy” for wanting the book to be repressed, as it sold out!

Was it for sure Didio that said that? He just said an “executive” didn’t he? Was it heavily implied it was Didio?