Holy...! A Mother Box Discovered in my BACKYARD!

I have discovered a Mother Box in my backyard! I let my dogs out this morning, like I do every morning, and they started barking like crazy. I went out to see what they were barking at and found an actual Mother Box in my yard!

How did it get there? When did it get there? Was it dropped from an invisible jet? Did a bird drop it? A plane? Did it come up from beneath and had been there since this whole area was under water eons ago? My whole day has changed in a flash!

Should I move it? I think I have to, right? It looks like I can open it…let’s see…

Yes! It opened and it appears to have a note inside. Maybe there’s more underneath all that ash and paper…

Mother Box?!? More like the Mother Lode! There are two Big Belly Burgers in here! Iced Lattes from Jitters! Chocolates from Wayne Enterprises! Seafood from Atlantis! Popcorn from Smallville! Ancient Themysciran Fire! Element X drinks and lights! Beer from Koul Brau Brewery! Cookware from Krypton! What a discovery!

And wait…as I tried to take a photo of the Mother Box it came to life! The top opened up and light shot into the sky!

Symbols representing The Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg have appeared in front of me - I can hear Queen Hippolyta as she calls out to Diana and shoots a torch to light a beacon calling her home! I can read Batman’s dossier on Arthur Curry and Barry Allen! And what’s this? Now there’s a message from Cyborg…he and the Bat Computer have been hacked! He needs me to help him and Batman crack the code to regain control of the interface! WOW! I just wanted to let my dogs out!

Well, I’m on the case. Plus it turns out the note I found has information on how to prepare all of this good stuff. I’m going to wait for my wife, who is a chef, to get home so she can help me turn these ingredients into a meal and I think I have to re-watch the Snyder Cut while I eat and drink to figure out how this may have ended up in my yard and what it all means!

(Thanks to the folks at Wonderland At Home for creating this incredibly cool item/experience and to the folks here at DC Universe Infinite for giving me a discount on it all. I’ve been looking forward to getting this for a while and I’m like a kid on Christmas morning opening it all up and discovering it all. Still a lot of fun to come and some good food and drink, too. Plus the fun of cracking this code!)


Steppenwolf was struggling, and you just trip over one in your garden. Making him look reeeeal bad :laughing:

(Congrats- all of that looks amazing!)


I got mine today but it was damaged. They were really nice about it though and are sending me a replacement tomorrow. Excited!


This is an excellent thread. I’m really interested to see how these foodstuffs come together!


Enjoy your meal!:grinning::hamburger::green_salad::spaghetti::chocolate_bar::tropical_drink::clinking_glasses::plate_with_cutlery:


Sorry to hear that yours was damaged but glad they’re getting you a replacement so quickly. Hope the one you get tomorrow is in perfect condition.


Mines coming tomorrow can’t wait.
The family orders three :sweat_smile:


That is quite a haul! I wish I had the money to get one a few months back. Thanks @FelixLeiter for posting pics of your awesome discovery. I was so curious about what was inside.


More pics coming on Saturday when I have time to properly make and enjoy some of this food. I’m not a beer drinker, or an alcohol drinker for that matter, but the chance to drink beer from a Gotham Brewery is too good to pass up! Maybe I’ll drink them and then watch Catwoman, Steel or Jonah Hex. Or maybe the WhedonCut! :laughing:

You got three?!? Wow! You could open your own pop-up Jitters or Big Belly Burger!

I like that Aweome has the TM after it, by the way. Nice touch! :slight_smile:



Yeah that happened mostly as joke because I say it a lot and now when I type Awesome™:+1: autocorrect adds it so I’ve left it.:joy:


I love everything about this post! Please keep it up haha it was fun to read! Now you just need to figure out how to use it properly and get rewards every single time you open it :thinking:


Wow, the race of men really did a poor job hiding their Mother Box.

“Just dig a tiny hole and toss some leaves over it. Good luck finding that, Darkseid!”



Yeah, that was the funniest part of the movie. Lol… Like, okay, hidden island, hidden underwater world, and a hole not deep enough for a body.


As a chef are you going to make them as instructed or make alterations based on your experience/knowledge/preferences?


I brought my own kryptonite and lasso though.


Love it! Are those the Choco’s on the right? Love that cutting/serving board, too. The kryptonite and lasso are great touches!


Not gonna lie… I recommend making adjustments. I would say this was more for the experience.

The Aquaman dish was oily and needed a longer cook time. I’d cook it extra crisp and drain the fish better. I didn’t care for the breadcrumbs. I would put french onion crisps instead.

The burger was dense. You could cut the patty in half lengthwise and maybe hollow the bun.

I hate to rag on this fun experience, but I will definitely keep the props and remake some of the dishes. I mean… I just need a couple of boxes and i can remake anything!!


I went out for some supplies today though the lasso insists i admit the kryptonite isn’t real.

Oh, I made napkin rings last minute!


Those look fantastic! Well done.

My wife is a chef as well and I’ve asked her to make them as instructed this time. We’ll keep the recipe and make alterations if we need to in the future, and it sounds like we will need to. I’m keeping one of the Big Belly Burger boxes pristine for display/future use but I’ll use the other one for presentation of the burger when I first eat it on Saturday.

As for the kryptonite - did Superman or Supergirl show up? If not, maybe it’s more real than you think!


Good notes.