Holidays with your Favorite DC Character!

So, we asked our mods the following question:

Imagine your favorite DC character was coming to visit for the holidays. What holiday activities would you do with them?

"I would go Christmas tree shopping with Poison Ivy. And by “Christmas tree shopping” I mean doing our part to end the mad botanical genocide that grips this country every December.” – Pretty.Poison.Bombshell

“I would take The Flash gift shopping with me, I could take advantage of all the amazing sales by having a Speedster running around the stores grabbing all the items on my list.” – Barrys.Better.Half

“I probably wouldn’t invite my favorite characters for Christmas, I don’t think either Damian or Constantine make for good guests, but I’d absolutely spend Christmas with Alfred. I’d try to get him to spill the beans on his scones recipe and we could take a trip into town to pick up gifts on Bruce’s tab.” – ZatannaAndHerSpells

“I’d love to decorate a responsibly harvested tree with Raven! She could help me float ornaments to the top cause I’m short. (I’d invite Poison Ivy and Harley… but we’ve got some breakable ornaments, and I’m not sure any tree is ethically sourced enough for the good doctor.)” – BestBeastBoy

“After reading a fanfic of the Watchmen crew all attending a party together, I’m perpetually intrigued by the idea of doing anything happy and festive with Rorschach. No idea what we’d do, though, so… I’d probably go visiting all my relatives with Cyborg, instead. In part, because I think he’d be great company and my family would love him, and in part, because we’d get a kick out of his purposely setting off all the metal detectors at the airport (does that make us horrible? I need another choice don’t I? lol).” – MissInkBlot

“Having been a crime lord for many a year here in Gotham, I know what I wouldn’t do… Have Dinner with Ivy. She gets all defensive when you serve her sprouts and broccoli. But in all seriousness, there is no better time than to hang with the Legion of Doom and take down Gotham city than when everyone is staying cozy in their house and being uggghhhh FESTIVE!!!” – HarleysPuddin

“Is it too redundant to do another Christmas Tree answer? Because I really would love to decorate a tree with Swamp Thing. He would create so many lovely organic beauties all over it. OR I would go present “shopping” with Catwoman.” – Applejack

So, there you have it! Now, we want to know how would YOU spend the holidays with your favorite DC character?


I’ll probably be too busy doing an exposé on the penguin man in the sewer (who does exist, no matter what the naysayers will tell you!), but I wouldn’t mind enjoying a nice dinner with Vicki if I can ever pull her away from that Wayne character.


Well, Batman wouldn’t show up because he’d be busy dealing with a mysterious string of attacks on Christmas Tree farms in Gotham County and responding to an impromptu Legion of Doom invasion, so I’d just read a book or something.


I’d kick it at the Kent farm with Jon, Martha, Clark and his family.

We’d open presents, watch parades on TV, and gorge ourselves silly on yuletide yummies, including Martha’s famous apple pie.

Then Clark would take me to the Fortress of Solitude. He’d show me his menagerie of rare alien animals, tell me which FOS was his favorite, show me trophies of his adventures and fill me in on just how brimming with life other parts of the galaxy are. Finally, we’d play darts while drinking hot chocolate (Kent family recipe of course). The dartboard would have a picture of Lex on it.

Afterward, we’d go back to the Kent farm and enjoy the rest of the day while watching Christmas movies and eating more of Martha’s delicious pies.


I would have the JLA and JSA hangout with me, to watch Christmas movies and have Christmas dinner and go Caroling. I think that would be a fun Christmas. :christmas_tree::penguin::santa: