Historical Perspective on The Marvels' Opening Weekend Woes

This is true.

What’s weird is DC sued Fawcett over the Billy Batson Marvel’s similarity to Superman. And then Marvelman comes to the States in the 1980’s, having all the exact same similarities to Superman, except he lacks a cape, and not a peep from DC. But Marvel wants a lawsuit.

At the end of weekend 2, the Marvels was looking at a tie for third place, with the $15 million horror movie Thanksgiving.

But no, when the final numbers were in today, the Marvels had fallen to # 4, a week after opening.

Note that you could make 16 sequels to Thanksgiving and still not equal what was spent on the Marvels.
And, despite having what must be the least-original concept in the history of horror movies, Thanksgiving had higher marks from critics.

If WB is planning a movie about four left-handed super-heroes called “The DCers”, I recommend they change the title immediately to the Netflixs

Very bittersweet box office fact. The $110 million earned by The Marvels makes Nia DaCosta the highest earning black female director


That’s true if you count international box office. For US earnings, the record’s still held by Ava DuVernay for 2018’s Wrinkle in Time.

The Marvels tends to get knocked for the writing, and not Ms. DaCosta’s directing skill.

For the record, though people are tearing it apart, I don’t think the Marvels is that bad. Plus the post-credit scene with Kelsey Grammer returning as Beast as a nice little bow on top.


Being a box office disaster has almost nothing to do with quality.


It looks like the Marvels could be saved from being the biggest bomb of the year. Riding to it’s rescue is the animated movie The Wish.

The Wish has a smaller budget, at $200 million, but is so far taking in less than half of what the Marvels has been earning every day. And, except for the Thanksgiving weekend, the Marvels has been taking in less every day in comparison to how The Flash performed this summer.

I believe that headlines of how poorly a film is doing cause the film to then make even much less than it would have otherwise. Like several DC films have had to endure in 2023, there were plenty of online articles pointing out the poor performance of Disney’s The Marvels. And then Disney’s The Wish was released right in the midst of that negative Disney publicity and it seems to be sinking fast.

Not that fandom websites are evil, but every ‘bad box office’ article we click on encourages more fandom website with their own slew of ‘bad box office’ articles.

I would rather spend my time actually watching a genre film, even if the film didn’t turn out perectly. Unfortunately, it looks like we may have to choose between supporting the type of moves we want (with our cash), and supporting fandom websites (with our clicks). Because the latter is killing off the former.