Historical DC Ladies: An Art Project by Me

A while back, my real-life best friend and I decided to combine our special interests- my love for DC Comics, and her love for historical fashion! The result was Historical DC Ladies, a challenge in which I redesign various female characters with outfits from different eras of history. I’ve been having a blast with these designs, and I’m looking forward to keeping you updated with them.

To start with, here’s one of my favorite design- a regency-era Poison Ivy! The regency was the age of Jane Austen-styled romance, floral patterns, and throwbacks to ancient Greek aesthetics. Of course, with both floral patterns and leaf circlets being in vogue back then, Poison Ivy seemed like the perfect fit to represent this time period!

I’ll continue to post more of these as I clean up my old designs and create new ones. Until then, enjoy!


I LOVE THIS!! I am a Janeite too and I love this mash up!


This is a fantastic idea @CaitlinSnowLeopard. I love this! :smiley: :+1:


Thank you so much for the kind words, everyone! Here’s another design I did. I originally didn’t intend to draw Punchline at all, but was struck with inspiration while listening to the soundtrack for the Bonnie and Clyde musical! So here she is in the 1930s, with her overall look being heavily inspired by the real-life Bonnie Parker:


These are awesome™:+1:


any idea who is next?


Ooooh. Those are some of my favorite things, and there are so many possibilities…


I’ll cross my fingers for Wonder Woman. :grinning:


I feel a crossover group is forming… :laughing:

Also, Marvel released a Jane Austen series but by the time they got to the fourth book, they downgraded it to a softcover and never finished the last two books. Whyyy!.. So… if DC wanted to do a series, that would be so awesome! Batman - Mr. Darcy - Batman.


I’m interested….

Yes, I have the Marvel graphic novels and have been holding out hope for Mansfield Park and Persuasion. I just checked and it has been around ten years since they were published so maybe I should give up hope but it’s still there quietly smoldering in the corner.

I could see Wonder Woman as Emma- not quite understanding what life is like for regular people but still trying to help, even if they make foolish mistakes.


Do you mean they put Marvel characters in that time-period, or they adapted books?

Theu adapted the books. Each book had a different artist.

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It would be so cool to adapt the novels with DC characters. I could see Barbara Gordon as Emm too. Ooh…!! Or! BG and Dick for Persuasion… ahh… I think I might have to do a fan fic. :thinking:

Also, I reached out the writer of the comic books and she said Marvel just pulled the project and she had been fighting to get it going again.

I love classics so now I’m going to just think of mash ups.


What about BG as Elizabeth Bennett?