Historical DC Battle Trivia: Wednesday Team Day 5/26/2021

All welcome to Warworlds Team Day Wednesday!

This is the final Wednesday for the month of May. After all questions are answered the standing over the month will be added to the end of this post.

Sad news this will be the last Wednesday trivia from me for the next month or two. I do want to return to doing this on a weekley basis, but due to an increase to not only my work life and college life I’ve also been needed more at home with the kids and wife. Once things settle down in July (Thats when my summer classes are over and work slows down) I will return with these weekly questions as long as you all are enjoying them.

Until then I will still be posting polls and participating when I can within the community. I plan on still doing a poll on Monday’s (random poll on favorite character or something), Wednesday’s (something team oriented), and Friday’s (something battle oriented). I will most likely just make one original post and add polls each week to the posts.

Now on to this weeks poll and questions!

What DC team is your favorite out of the 5 below and why?

  • Doom Patrol
  • Titans
  • Metal Men
  • Secret Six
  • Suicide Squad

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Now with this being the final week in May rather then one team I will be asking 5 questions each one involving one of the 5 teams in the poll.


  1. In “Doom Patrol: Magic Bus” there is an issue where they have to fight a very Marvel like villain that starts with a G. What is this characters name in the Doom Patrol comic?

  2. In “Titans: The Lazarus Contract” what hero does Slade manipulate into helping ultimately taking some of his power in order to accomplish his task?

  3. In “Suicide Squad: The Black Vault” Who is Deadshot in the past hired to kill by Kobra?(found in issue #1)

  4. In “Metal Men 2019-2020” there is an issue where Lead and Tin are at a convention. What villain is taking humans adding machine parts and forcing them to fight?

  5. In “The Secret Six 2006” Mad Hatter is betrayed at the end by what teammate who pushes him off a ledge?

  1. Gog
  2. Beast Boy
  3. President Roosevelt
  4. Roulette
  5. Joker

Lets see if any of my guesses work.

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Those are some good guess! but none are correct.

I really liked that movie!

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It is my 5th favorite DCAOM film.

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What is your #1? Mine would probably be Batman Hush or The Death of Superman.

The Dark Knight Returns Part 2

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For some reason I was thinking of just the ones based of the New 52. If we are talking about all of them then I would go with Green Lantern Emerald Knights because I love space battles and it was cool seeing multiple stories.

I’ve never actually watched The Dark Knight Returns movies. I will have to make time to do that!

For just DCAMU then Reign of the Supermen.

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  1. General Immortus??
  2. Wally West
  3. Amanda Waller but possible peacemaker
  4. Mother machine
  5. Cheshire - but she stabs him in he back

You got #2 and #4 correct! Great Job!


Only one guess per question please to allow others to play

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  1. Galactus?
  2. Bruce Wayne.
  3. Rag Doll.
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Galactus is the marvel version I’m looking for the DC one.

That said you got the other 2 questions correct great job!

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I picked Suicide Squad. They have the best character development imo and they always crack me up

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  1. I know the marvel character is galactus, but they fight imperiex i think

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Unfortunately that is not who I’m looking for


They are pretty fun to read I like them. Mine was secret six it’s like a less coordinated more messed up version of the suicide squad. And I like catman


metal men is the best!