Historical DC Battle Trivia: Wednesday Team Day 5/12/2021


Warworld is back to bring you Wednesday’s team trivia questions! Test your knowledge of past fights throughout the DC Universe involving a group.

This week is one that I Mongul.The.Elder have had a few run ins with. Accused of destroying a city or something…Anyways I’m talking about everyone’s favorite group of space cops “The Green Lantern Corps.”

There have been many amazing Green Lanterns throughout the DC history with many battles. Along with some major villains some of which in the form of other emotional spectrums. It’s one of my favorite groups to read due to the space adventures and the imagination behind it all. I made sure to include only questions that can be found in the DC Universe Infinite library besides one that comes from an animated movie to throw in a curve ball.

Lets get started!

In the poll today I want to know who is your favorite earth Green Lantern and why?

  • John Stewart
  • Jessica Cruz
  • Hal Jordan
  • Simon Baz
  • Kyle Rayner
  • Guy Gardner
  • Teen Lantern: Keli Quintela
  • Sojourner “Jo” Mullein

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Rules of the game:

  1. First to answer the question correct gets the point.

  2. If you feel like your question would be considered a spoiler blur it out.

Now on to the main event!

  1. In Green Lantern No Fear (Issues #1-6 from 2005-2011) Hal Battles an old threat and a new upgraded version of that same threat in issue #2. What enemy does he face?

  2. In the first appearance of Jessica Cruz a team shows up at the end of the comic ready to battle her (google first appearance if you need it will be a Justice League comic). What team was it?

  3. In the animated movie “Green Lantern: Emerald Knights” who is the rookie that is being told the stories of past Green Lantern battles?

  4. In “Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lantern” which Red Lantern was the first to strike while the Sinestro Corp. and the Green Lantern Corp. where fighting?

5. In Green Lantern Rebirth #15 What does Jessica Cruz say her biggest battle is with?

You have until 5p.m. MDT Friday to submit your answers!

After todays question the current standing for the month of May are:

@Row.Harper with 3 points

@MatthewHecht with 2 points

@Detective7 with 2 points

@casasstrophe with 1 point

@SuperBlueGrodd with 1 point

We have two more Wednesdays in the month of May still plenty of time to take the lead and become “Warwold’s Team Champion”

Continue to vote on the poll and come back next Wednesday at 5p.m. MDT for another round of questions.

  1. Parallax

  2. Red Lantern Corps

  3. Jessica Cruz

  4. Atrocitous

  5. Fear


You where really close with number five but not what I’m looking for. Those where some good guesses though!


wait number 1 wasn’t right?

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Nope you want me to inbox you the answer?


Best Green Lantern

  1. Dr Polaris
  2. Doom Patrol
  3. Arisia
  4. Getting out of bed in the morning.
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@MatthewHecht You got #2 and #3 Correct good job! #5 you where very close but not what I was looking for. If you would like to know the answers you missed let me know and I could always inbox them to you!

Also I almost included Alan Scott in the poll but decided to keep it with the corp. members. He is an awesome character and I wouldn’t argue against you picking him as a favorite great choice.


Anxiety. Could be wrong, I went general with this answer lol.

Also, I love all the Green Lanterns, and there’s just something about GL stories that I just always love… But I think Jess is my favorite. She’s extremely relatable because of her anxiety.

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@SuperBlueGrodd #5 CORRECT!
Her exact words in the comic are “I have to fight anxiety every day. It’s the BIGGEST battle I have”

I’m the same way I don’t know what it is about Green Lantern stories but they are some of the best. And that is exactly why my wife and I love the character of Jessica Cruz. I personally deal with bad anxiety and my wife deals with some PTSD.


Is number one a Manhunter Robot?


@Detective7 It sure is! you got #1

In the comic he fights an old beat up version and a new upgraded one that has come to destroy the old and take over shows up.


Is number 4 Dex-Starr?


@Detective7 You are correct again #4 is yours good job!


@Mongul.The.Elder when do we vote on what the monday vote will be

That will be at 5pm tonight when the questions come out.


oh okay! thanks

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