Historical DC Battle Trivia: Friday Main Event 5/7/2021

It’s Friday on Warworld! Time to test the communities knowledge on past battles throughout the DC Universe.

This week and going forward I will be asking a series of questions to test you knowledge. I’ll try to keep it around five questions a week. First person to get the answer earns the point.

I will be keeping track of how many points each people earns through the month of May. The one with the most will be the “Battle History Champion” for the month of May!

Starting this week as well the poll will go towards Monday’s fan day. I will give you four options for the potential topic on Monday. The one with the most votes will be used the following Monday.

  • Favorite Green Lantern
  • Favorite Batgirl
  • Favorite main Justice league member
  • Random Character Battle

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Time for trivia!

  1. In Kyle Rayner’s first fight with Major Force who won?

  2. In the event Identity Crisis who killed and subsequently died by Tim Drake’s father?

  3. In the even Hero’s in Crisis what two characters where prime suspects for the murder of multiple hero’s at sanctuary?

  4. In the event Flash Forward what two villain’s fight Wally West in prison?

  5. At the end of Batman Battle for the Cowl who dawns the cowl at the end?

Possible spoilers below!
Because of the nature of these question there is a high chance for spoilers to these events. Please blur out your answer’s and I will reply with a simple correct to question blank. If you would like more as to reason why one is considered incorrect or want to know the answer message me.

If you haven’t read any of these events do yourself a favor and look them up!

You all have until Sunday night to guess the answers and vote on the poll.

  1. not sure

  2. Tim Drake

  3. Batman and Superman

  4. Rival and Reverse-Flash

  5. Jason Todd


Unfortunately none of your answers where correct.

  1. Major Force

  2. Jean Lorig-Grey

  3. Nightwing

  4. Captain Boomerang and Captain Cold

  5. Dick.


You got #5 correct


Since I only read number 1 I say getting 1/5 is pretty good.


Oh yeah feel proud for getting that 1. I honestly tried to make the questions decently hard. The problem with doing battle trivia is it has to be specific to either a storyline or a first encounter type of deal meaning the questions can come from anywhere. If you haven’t read the story line it’s hard to get. But if any of these events interest you I strongly recommend all of them I personally enjoyed each one.


Captain Boomerang

Harley and Booster Gold

Oh man… been a second since I’ve read this. I wanna say one was Girder, maybe?

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#2 and #3 are correct and you are right on one of the villain’s for #4 but I need both to give you the point. Great job!


I believe number 4 is

Girder and Tar Pit.


Never mind I just saw the time limit.


@Mongul.The.Elder whatever happened to the monday fan vote?

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@Jurisdiction sorry I will try to get to it today my wife had to have surgery yesterday and my summer courses started. So I’ve been taking care of her, kids, work, and now school. Expect the late Monday fan vote around 4p.m. MDT today.


You are right though but yes it’s over. In the future my plan going forward is to have this weekly quiz start on Fridays at 5p.m. MDT. Look for it then I’ll be glad to see your responses!


Oh my god! How are you holding up?! If you need to talk, I’m here for you!


Well thank you I appreciate it and I’m doing fine her surgery went well she is just sleeping a lot and I primarily work from home so it works out taking kids to and from school. So all around not to bad just busy haha.