Hints on Parents of Donna Troy in Titans

In Season two, we are given two hints on the Parents of Donna Troy.

In Episode One, we see her father giving a young Donna an ice cream cone.

She is not an infant, which explains why her accent is American, even though she later spent years in Themyscira, where everybody speaks like Gal Gadot.

Her father dies in the fire, where she is rescued by Wonder Woman, according to Season One Episode Donna Troy.

Her father dying in the fire means he was human.

In Season Two Episode Two Donna says to Kori that she is half human.

That explains her enhanced physical abilities.

Her mother must be not human.

Does her name give any hints?

According to legends, a band of Amazons fought on the Trojan side in the Trojan War. Perhaps her mother was an Amazon, but not from Themyscira.

Her first name, Donna means Lady in Italian, God is my judge in Hebrew and Mighty Ruler in Gaelic.

Are Amazons or Atlanteans considered not human?

If her mother is a goddess, there are several candidates Hera, Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Hestia or even maybe Circe, Nike or Thetis, mother of Achilles

My bet is Athena, daughter of Zeus. Since Diana may be also a daughter of Zeus. Diana is Donna’s Aunt.

Athena is one of the nine immortals who are the main characters in my novel.

She always introduces herself as

Pallas Athena, the Goddess of wisdom, civilization, warfare, crafts, justice and

Donna has many of these attributes.

Your Thoughts on her mom?


I’d go with Persephone. She sired three children by Zeus. Dionysus, Iacchus, or Zagreus. So we know she was “stepping out” on her husband Hades.

And if so, it would make sense that ultimately Hades was responsible for the fire that killed her father. Fire would be Hades preferred method to kill him. It would also explain why she was protected by WW and brought to Themyscara for her own safety and trained as a warrior.

So, yeah, I’ll place my bet on Persephone.

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I’m going to say that Donna THINKS her mom is an Amazon… but it’s entirely possible her background was totally fabricated, and she was made from clay as in the comics. She just doesn’t know it yet.


Donna’s origin is a confusing mess. Wonder Girl was originally a young Diana, copying Superman’s use of a young Superboy as back-up stories in the main book. Her sudden introduction as a separate character forced a quick origin story for her. That origin became untenable after the Crisis on Infinite Earth, and her origin has been in a seemingly constant state of flux ever since.

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@Desade acolyte

Yeah i should have included your goddess. She has a lot of backstory.

Isn’t her story that she spends 6 months with Hades, 6 months without symbolizing winter and summer?. A forced marriage. I could see her looking for some gentle love in her six months free. And she wouldn’t tell the guy. Who would believe her?


If she was made of clay, how did she get to America

One solution is the great fan fiction Hunters Moon.

Just like in the comics, four Amazons think that Queen Hippolyta is insane to want a child. Think if she does it a second time, like you’re suggesting.

Anyway one Amazon is to kill the baby Diana but secretly saves her and comes to America

Teen Age Diana is best friends with Helene Bertinelli and she and her foster mom has to escape to the edge of Gotham to escape Ares. There she meets Bruce Wayne and eventually they become partners in love and in crime fighting.

Alfred and Diana’s foster mom also have a fling.

Read it here


Re Persephone and pregnancy of Donna, since that takes nine months maybe even for gods, it would work if she got pregnant just before going back to Hades, served six months with him, then went back to lover and had Baby Donna.

There is no reason why she couldn’t have let him into the Tarterus for their “trysts”.

In my study of Classical Greek mythology, it is unclear the gestation time for children born of the goddesses.

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I mean, Athena just pops right out of Zeus’s head, so anything can be practical with them.

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I mean her backstory in the comics is a mess but this is mostly her Pre-crisis origin…I think she was too young to remember her parents before Diana saved her from the fire in that. I don’t remember how she got her powers in pre-crisis I think her parents were normal humans. Clearly they changed that part