Hill House Goes Full Grindhouse with Refrigerator Full of Heads

With Hill House Comics’ Refrigerator Full of Heads , we’re back in Brody Island, Maine, that seemingly idyllic island cut off from the rest of the state by a long bridge.

It’s late summer in 1984, one year after the events of Basketful of Heads . If you need a refresher, that’s the Joe Hill-penned graphic novel that launched his Hill House Comics imprint and introduced us to final-girl June, who encounters an enchanted, antique axe that leaves its victims alive even when decapitated. It’s a great weapon in a pinch when a bunch of creeps are after you, but as June learns, not so great when defeating them means they can still blabber at you.

This time our heroes are Cal and Arlene Marshall, a couple getting away from city life for a while, something that always goes well for couples in horror fare. For Arlene, the vacation is supposed to be the scenic getaway she needs to finish her new novel. For Cal, well, he’s just there to provide support to Arlene.

To find out where it all goes wrong, head over to DC Comics!

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