Hill House Comics: Sea Dogs Reading order

I haven’t finished reading all these Hill House books, much less read the Sea Dogs story at the end in any particular order. So seeing that the Sea Dogs story has concluded I thought it would be fun to pull all my books out and type up a reading order for the Sea Dogs story and share it with you all.

Here it is:

Chapter One: Basket Full of Heads # 1

Chapter Two: Dollhouse Family # 1

Chapter Three: Basket Full of Heads # 2

Chapter Four: Dollhouse Family # 2

Chapter Five: Basket Full of Heads # 3

Chapter Six: The Low, Low Woods # 1

Chapter Seven: Dollhouse Family # 3

Make Your Own Stickers: Dollhouse Family # 3

Chapter Eight: Daphne Byrne # 1

Chapter Nine: The Low, Low Woods # 2

Chapter Ten: Basket Full of Heads # 4

Chapter Eleven: Daphne Byrne # 2

Chapter Twelve: Dollhouse Family # 4

Chapter Thirteen: The Low, Low Woods # 3

Chapter Fourteen: Plunge # 1

Chapter Fifteen: Basket Full of Heads # 5

Chapter Sixteen: Daphne Byrne # 3

Chapter Seventeen: The Dollhouse Family # 5

Chapter Eighteen: The Low, Low Woods # 4

Chapter Nineteen: Plunge # 2

Chapter Twenty: Basket Full of Heads # 6

Chapter Twenty-one: Daphne Byrne # 4

Chapter Twenty-two: Dollhouse Family # 6

Chapter Twenty-three: The Low, Low Woods # 5

Chapter Twenty-four: Plunge # 3

Chapter Twenty-five: Basket Full of Heads # 7

Chapter Twenty-six: Daphne Byrne # 5

Chapter Twenty-seven: The Low, Low Woods # 6

Chapter Twenty-eight: Plunge # 4

Chapter Twenty-nine: Daphne Byrne # 6

Chapter Thirty: Plunge # 5

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Was this ever collected into one story/book? It’s not impossible to bounce around to each book to read this at the end but if it was all strung together in one series that would obviously be easier.

Not that I know of…
It is totally something I will be looking into though!

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