Hill House Comics: Sea Dogs Reading order

I haven’t finished reading all these Hill House books, much less read the Sea Dogs story at the end in any particular order. So seeing that the Sea Dogs story has concluded I thought it would be fun to pull all my books out and type up a reading order for the Sea Dogs story and share it with you all.

Here it is:

Chapter One: Basket Full of Heads # 1

Chapter Two: Dollhouse Family # 1

Chapter Three: Basket Full of Heads # 2

Chapter Four: Dollhouse Family # 2

Chapter Five: Basket Full of Heads # 3

Chapter Six: The Low, Low Woods # 1

Chapter Seven: Dollhouse Family # 3

Make Your Own Stickers: Dollhouse Family # 3

Chapter Eight: Daphne Byrne # 1

Chapter Nine: The Low, Low Woods # 2

Chapter Ten: Basket Full of Heads # 4

Chapter Eleven: Daphne Byrne # 2

Chapter Twelve: Dollhouse Family # 4

Chapter Thirteen: The Low, Low Woods # 3

Chapter Fourteen: Plunge # 1

Chapter Fifteen: Basket Full of Heads # 5

Chapter Sixteen: Daphne Byrne # 3

Chapter Seventeen: The Dollhouse Family # 5

Chapter Eighteen: The Low, Low Woods # 4

Chapter Nineteen: Plunge # 2

Chapter Twenty: Basket Full of Heads # 6

Chapter Twenty-one: Daphne Byrne # 4

Chapter Twenty-two: Dollhouse Family # 6

Chapter Twenty-three: The Low, Low Woods # 5

Chapter Twenty-four: Plunge # 3

Chapter Twenty-five: Basket Full of Heads # 7

Chapter Twenty-six: Daphne Byrne # 5

Chapter Twenty-seven: The Low, Low Woods # 6

Chapter Twenty-eight: Plunge # 4

Chapter Twenty-nine: Daphne Byrne # 6

Chapter Thirty: Plunge # 5

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Was this ever collected into one story/book? It’s not impossible to bounce around to each book to read this at the end but if it was all strung together in one series that would obviously be easier.

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Not that I know of…
It is totally something I will be looking into though!


Thank you, I appreciate reading orders.