hey guys what should I watch or read

what should i watch or read? I love batman


You should watch Human Target, Gl animated series, Legion of Superheroes.
You should read SuperSons

@cbplanets I did start reading super sons and its pretty great

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you should read the green arrow if you havent read that series yet a very good series im enjoying it

Everything until you find something you like

If you love Batman, here’s some recommendations.

Batman Ninja
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Pt. 1 & 2
Batman: The Brave and the Bold, “Chill of the Night!”

Batman and the Outsiders (1983-)
Batman: Black & White (1996-)
Batman (2016-)

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If you do read Batman: Black and White on here, do be aware that the first issue of it is from the 90’s series while issues 2-4 are from the 2012 series.

So…it’s not a correct listing. But if you just want Batman B&W from a general sense, you can read it. There are also some B&W segments at Comixology that are either free or a buck at most.

Just FYI :slight_smile:

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Oh, read the Hush arc of Batman too. It’s fantastic in every way and a modern classic for good reason.


Read Batman: The Court of Owls
Watch Constantine

Geoff Johns GL run. Wolfman/Perez Teen Titans run, The Birds Of Prey, Suicide Squad, JL Dark, Aquaman (all of them), Green Arrow the same, Doom Patrol, Tons of great Superman’s on here, Batman, I’d read all. Batman/Superman combos are great, Starman, it’s hard to miss on almost all of the comics on here. Videos/Movies the same. Idk what you’ve seen? I’d watch pretty much all the animated series & animated movies for sure. Brave & Bold is a personal favorite, Btas, Stas, YJ of course, Teen Titans, Batman Beyond,. Tough to miss on the animated stuff on here as well.

As far as live action, can’t imagine anyone being a big enough fan and not seeing the Christopher Reeves Superman but if you haven’t watch that. That and Batman and Batman Returns if you haven’t seen them. As for TV Shows, I love them all but won’t deny some are a bit dated. But Wonder Woman, Lois and Clark and Constantine are all worth at least checking out. I also think Birds of Prey is not as appreciated as it should be, not without it’s flaws but in some ways it was ahead of it’s time.