Hey everyone was wondering what was your opinion about Aquaman

Aquaman should be stellar in 3-D

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Eh, it’s a conversion though. Not my thing, but if you like it I hope it’s stellar for you =)


I loved it. 2nd favorite superhero movie after the dark knight

Saw it with my 60 year old Dad and 10 year old nephew. We all loved it


Just saw Aquaman Tonight and all I can say is, “You will Believe a Man can Swim!


Enjoyed it for what it was, a brainless popcorn movie that tried to squeeze in too much in a movie that was too long. It wanted to be more, but it wasn’t. It had the potential to be anotherBlackPanther (Atlantis Forever!). Sadly, it was a bit of a mess.

You know the Scene with Young Arthur Curry in the Aquarium? At the end of scene where Young Arthur is just staring at the Shark through the glass, I just wanted Young Arthur to turn around and start doing The Baby Shark Dance.

Not to shade Black Panther, but it made over seven hundred million just here in the states. Those numbers scream repeat viewers to me. Aquaman has made over a billion worldwide with around three hundred million here in the states. So to me it’s fair to say Aquaman is more popular worldwide. I love what BP accomplished with representation and I own it on Blu-ray

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Black Panther is the more successful movie at the moment, and they just nominated for best picture

I enjoyed Aquaman way better than Black Panther. Panther was good the first time I watched it, but then I heard about all of the stuff behind the movie and I just got kind of tired of it. Was a good movie though. But I thought Aquaman was just better. Maybe that is because I like Aquaman.


I really enjoyed it, it followed “Throne of Atlantis” pretty well. It was visually pleasing for me. I am glad to see that the international markets seemed to love Aquaman. I enjoyed it more than Black Panther and I thought that was a very solid movie. Black Panther was groundbreaking but was too overhyped for my taste. It was a super hero Lion King which I actually like. I watched BP with my friend, and he told me “[Black Panther] was good but not as good as people were saying.”


I absolutely loved it! It really did Aquaman justice. And I think it’s by far my favorite DC movie so far. Aside from the Chris Nolan Batman movies of course