Hey everyone was wondering what was your opinion about Aquaman

Hey everyone was wondering how you like Aquaman I thought it was really good


I really enjoyed it. I feel DC’s strength is the solo films. The best DCEU films to date have been (in my opinion) Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Man of Steel. Focus on building a great story with a great world and the rest will come. But I thought the cast did a great job, Atlantis was awesome and the action sequences were phenomenal. Next up, Shazam! And I can’t wait!

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Seen it twice already

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Saw it 4 times. I can’t get enough of it.

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I really enjoy it, I love the special effect, storyline and the music. :smiley:

Love this CGI, music is great. Acting is 7.5/10. Some bad dialogue. Overall good movie 8.1/10

I loved Aquaman! Its my second favorite movie of last year. Great stuff.

What was your fav film of the year? I think mine is Greenbook

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“Won’t You Be My Neighbor”. It was brilliant, fun, moving, and insightful.


The worst thing I’d say about the movie is that there are times where the dialogue felt woody and awkward. Outside of that, it was a solid adventure plot with Great characters and some spectacular spectacle.


Cool, I still haven’t seen that on yet. I remember watching his show when I was younger

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I really enjoyed Aquaman. I have already pre-ordered on 3-D Blu-ray

Is there a release date yet or is that a “Pre-order now, the date will be released at a later point.” deals?

I have to go to eBay for the 3-D Blu-ray, I won’t get it until June or Maybe late April

What I ordered was a steelbook with 4K, 3-D Blu-ray, and regular Blu-ray

Ah. So, there’s no release date available right now then I gather? I might buy it on digital.

Official release date for Aquaman DVD April 30th

Estimated ship date for 3-D Blu-Ray:
May 15th

On account 3-D not being as popular in the States

Interesting. Thanks!

Yup, you have to buy these 3-D Blu-ray’s out of the UK now

One more reason I’m glad I wasn’t into 3D when I did buy Blu-rays. That is a hassle sadly, for those that want them though.