Hey, can someone help me find this jacket?

I wanna know what type of jacket this is.


Google Rocketeer Jacket @Ordinary-Critic


I searched that before and I couldn’t really find what type of jacket it was though.

@Ordinary-Critic I’m not sure if it has a “name.” Aviator Jacket? Early Motorcycle Jacket? Those are kinda generic vs. an A2 Flight Jacket or a B3 Bomber Jacket. I’m a WWII buff, but I’m not aware that it was issued as military jacket. It’s styled after a cowboy shirt with a dust flap but other than that I don’t know what you would call it. DCU is the place you’re likely to get the answer. Good luck.

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I’m making up a name for it right now.

It is a Prince-of-Pulp jacket. I’m not copyrighting that. You can just use it freely.