Hex Wives

I just read issue six (the end of the first arc) last night. I really like how they open up the world and make the story seem truly worthy of an ongoing series literally giving the characters more places to go…but did they have to take so long to get there? This book feels alot like they basically spun out a three or four issue story, padding it into something long enough for a six issue trade. I like it but I think there were so many better uses for much of the page count…the concept has plenty of room for one or two part stories (past life stories for instance) and it comes off as a missed opportunity.

What did other people who are reading this think?

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My comic store lost my #5 and #6 and I’m still waiting for them to get new copies, so I’m lagging behind.

I didn’t mind the slow pacing at all. I’m heartbroken that this was axed - it was on my top 2 every month.

Dammit, I would gladly axe 5 other major comics from my pull list, just let me have this one. :frowning:


I’m with you. This should have been a 3 issue series. Issue 1 was good, issue 6 was good but the middle 4 really dragged.mAt least a good foundation was set for future issues.

The other thing that I had problems with was that neither the Hex Wives nor their “husbands” were very relatable. I couldn’t find myself really caring about either entity. To me, that takes away from a good book.

So, we’ll see. I’m unlikely to buy future issues until I read some reviews or opinions that interest me again. Too bad because it was an interesting concept with decent art.

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It got cancelled?!? I’m not surprised with DC wanting tp refocus on younger readers and mass market titles but it kind of sucks that they pull the plug just when it was getting good.


Eh. Oh, well. Not shocked at all.

Looks like Goddess Mode also has no solicitations after this month. I was enjoying that series also. Though it was definitely tough to get into, it was moving at a much quicker clip after the first issue. Seems as if the only new Vertigo series to make it past the first arc is American Carnage