Heroes in Crisis?

Yeah, so I just finished the Heroes in Crisis series. All 6 main issues…
What the Sprokk??? It answers nothing. There’s no resolution to the story of any kind! We just get left hanging mid-situation.

Is this what people are being taught in writing class nowadays? Half a story is better than a whole one?


Heroes in Crisis was a nine issue mini-series, so it still has a bit more to go.

If you’d rather not wait until issues 6-9 hit DCU and are anxious to see how it ends now, Comixology has a sale on the singles along with other Tom King single issues and trades.


There is still a few issues to go, but it is all DC editorials fault it turned into a mess. Good concept, bad exicusion.

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The ending of this series was convoluted. And it, unfortunately, didn’t exist in a vacuum so that it is easily ignored by the rest of the writers.

It changes the entire universe and gets us ready for the failures/weaknesses in super powered individuals. Which becomes very important in Year of the Villain.

It totally changes the story lines for Red Hood and The Flash. It sets the scene for the Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy story and has a very dramatic effect on the Superman universe as well as the Lois Lane run.

Heroes In Crisis is more of an instance with impact than a stand alone story.

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As has already been pointed out, you still have a few more issues to go before the end. I’ve read that some people think it’s convoluted, but I disagree. I personally didn’t find it all that difficult to follow, but I understand that everyone is unique and may not agree. That being said, I really liked the overall story and thought it was a welcome addition to the DC Universe. Exploring the real trauma and burden that comes with being a hero is something I’ve really fallen in love with in this story (along with my personal favorite comic arc: Identity Crisis). The full story is explained in the end and I think it sets up some interesting dynamics and issues that can be explored further in the rest of the universe. I really enjoyed it, just to bring a different perspective to the thread.:smile: