heroes in crisis?

this might be stupid but is the comics series called heroes in crisis is on here and if not will it be or will I have to buy those?

Hi @thefallen50! The Heroes in Crisis series originally debuted in September of 2018. Since it has not yet been a year since the first issue was released, it is not on the service yet. However, the first issue in the series would be added to the service sometime towards the end of September, if it is to be included with the service.


Don’t bother it’s one of the WORST comics DC has ever put out. It ruins or murders characters for no reason!

It also demonizes & victimizes PTSD and those with neurological quarks/disorders.

Best to just ignore it altogether and read Doomsday Clock & Leviathan instead!


Heroes in Crisis is the worst thing ive read in years.


I was in the same boat as you, looking for answers about Heroes in Crisis a few weeks ago. I wish I never went down that trail of searches and Wikipedia holes yo. I messed up. And now I have to pretend I never saw it because I’m screaming inside at the EVILNESS of it all.

They really just killed heroes… Like that… And the hero who did it? And reason? :frowning:

As someone with PTSD, it’s an insult on several levels. A mockery on another few. And just plain mean. I dunno what the writers were thinking. But do yourself a favor and don’t read that. Don’t read it.


Just got around to reading Heroes in Crisis #9 today. What the F@*%! I didn’t think anything could be worse than Final Crisis but this piece of new-age garbage blows it out of the water. Forgetting the fact that it was an obvious cash-grab (the entire story could have been told in a 30-page special), it takes a giant dump on beloved DC characters. It also posits the premise that it is okay to wipe out a hero’s entire family and life because we will resurrect a “miss-understood” eco-terrorist (and reunite her with her soul-mate) to fill the void. Hey, those villains are people too. Are you kidding me?!! Wally West the most beloved character in the entire DC Universe gets spat upon and freakin’ Poison Ivy gets a second chance? Here’s hoping that in this “year of the villain” (give me strength) Luthor discovers the original Earth-Prime (the one from Flash #179, vol1) and gives “the gift” of forced retirement to the entire DC editorial staff.


Whole heartily agree will all the previous comments in this thread. Not only is HIC not worth the time, it literally removes the intellect from the readers mind. It’s bleak, negative, hopeless, and disrespectful to the characters. It ruined one generations Flash for no reason.

As a reward Warner seems to be willing to let King take a whack at ruining the on screen interpretation of Kirby’s New Gods.

Finally it’s a colossal waste of Clay Mann’s talent.


@akboden Except everything bad about Heroes in Crisis is totally Dan DiDio’s doing. I don’t like Tom King’s Batman, but his work on the New Gods is good so I’m excited for the movie.


Books like Identity Crisis and Heroes in Crisis are all shock with no awe, and when comic books reject awe they reject their DNA. Give me Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 (the debut of the Sinister Six and classic insane fun) over the plethora of deconstructionist crap “the big two” are now pushing on us.


So I haven’t read the Series yet but I do know who died and let me tell you Roy Harper, poison Ivy, Wally west (so apparently Wally is alive and is the killer?) and lagoon boy should not be the ones your sad I should red devil. I mean think about it
Red Devil is always killed-off post-crisis, now, ok so hasn’t appeared many different continuity’s and that leads me to one conclusion
red devil is Dc most important character.
Listen to my theory
1.red devil is dead in every continuity
2.Wally was a ghost in teen titans 03 not connected to this but still an interesting one
3.Red devil was teen titan
and those things lead me to one unavoidable event
RED DEViL Crisis

seriously from what understand of the book I don’t think I want to read it because It’s just an insult to everyone I’m sorry If anyone PTSD or mental illnesses had to sit and read this mess.

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I’m sorry Just ignore the first area It’s full of mistakes and I regret saying it just read the last part again really sorry and I hope you have a nice day

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I liked Heroes in Crisis, but I’m weird sooo…

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